Sous Vide venison barbacoa


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Jul 13, 2020
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This recipe takes days... literally. But like most low and slow efforts there is not much work, just waiting. you can sub different dried chili’s these were just what I had in the cabinet. The local carneceria is your friend as it will have the best prices on masa, cotija, and best selection of whole dried chili’s. Our guests last Sat lost their minds for these tacos. Fresh tortillas make 1000% difference and you can put your guests to work with these, mix the dough and get a line setup with on e person making balls, one person pressing and one person toasting off in the skillet. You can bang out 30-40 in 10-15 min with 3 large skillets on the stovetop. Store them in an oven at 150-200 covered with a dish towel. Until ready to serve.

Any low and slow cut tendons and collagen will melt. This was 2lbs of shank. Do NOT trim fat, pick the fattiest cut you have.

2lbs venison stewing meat
1 tbs whole cumin
1 tbs whole coriander
1 tbs kosher or coarse sea salt
1/2 onion
4/5 garlic cloves
1 dried pasilla pepper
1 dried Chile de arbol
2 bay leaves
Copious coarse ground black pepper

Thaw and dry your venison.

Toast cumin and coriander in a dry cast iron skillet until fragrant.
Grind toasted seeds in a mortar and pestle med-fine

Char peeled half onion and whole chili’s on the grill (alternate use open burner on stove top on low WITH exhaust fan running)

Put onion, whole garlic, chili’s (without stems), all spices (except bay leaves) into a cuisinart or blender with 1/2 cup water. Purée until smooth.

cover meat with chili paste and bay leaves and vac seal, sous vide bag, or freezer ziplock with all air removed (water submersion)

Rest in fridge for 12-24 hours

Sous vide at 175 deg for 12-14 hours

Allow meat to cool enough to handle, shred with fingers (or fork) rough chop and store with chili jus.

TORTILLAS: 20 min and worth it
- masa
- water
Dump 1-2 cups masa in a bowl and slowly add water mixing by hand until dough can just barely stay together (dry better than wet). Roll golf ball size. Slit open a gallon ziplock and press between smooth counter and Pyrex (or use your tortilla press) to form 4-5” rounds. Toast off for a full 1 min a side in cast iron skillet on high heat until tiny blisters form.

- salsa: best with a tart green salsa like tomatillo
- pickled jalapeños
- pickled onion (thin sliced red onion with w. wine vinegar and pinch of sugar in fridge for 20-30 min)
- Cotija cheese crumbled
- crema mexicana
- fresh cilantro
- lime

- use skillet under high heat to quickly toast off barbacoa in butter oil or venison fat before serving.

Sorry for no photos, these were “gone in 60 seconds” as they say.
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