Southern Idaho Cow Elk Hunt


Jan 22, 2021
2020 was full of adventure in Idaho. One of my favorite hunts though was the elk hunt. We get to chase bulls with our bows in early fall, then chase cows with a rifle in late fall. This is when I was able to shoot my first elk (cow).

My FIL and I had been scouting all over and had seen some elk from the air a few weeks earlier. Of course, once the season starts, they are no where to be found.

I took off work early one day and we headed up to a place I'd never been. Hiked in a few miles and there was sign everywhere. We knew we had to be close. Eventually we found the heard! We slid in to about 300 yards and my FIL took a shot. Clean miss (We'd find out later that his scope mount had broke loose). The heard took off due west. We came up with a new game plan and took off. A ridge just north of the elk was clear and about 400 yards from them. Hard part was to get there, out of view, we had to side hill bush whack about a miles worth of maples. Uhg. Day light closing out, we busted over there. Crested the ridge on our bellies. It was my turn now. I laid my pack out as a rest. Ranged my target 3 times. Dry fired 3 times. Calmly took my shot and SUCESS! The Rem 700, 7mag and Vortex tactical did great. Exactly how I'd practiced.

It was a long pack out, but the rewards were great. Gutless method worked perfect. 150lbs hanging weight for the 4 quarters. Not including the back straps etc. Freezer is now topped off. Pack used was the Hill People Gear Decker 👌

I woke up the next morning tired and sore. And I realized I totally forgot to pull the ivories. So we went back up the following weekend to grab them. The carcass was picked completely clean, mostly by coyotes.

Looking forward to another great year in 2021! 20201106_141238.jpg 20201106_151309.jpg 20201106_171141-01.jpeg 20201109_192114.jpg 20201109_202253.jpg