Trekking Pole Jack Issue


Junior Member
Feb 15, 2022
Long story short, I bent the tip on 2 Leki trekking poles when using the Zpacks trekking pole jack with my LBO. The 1st pole worked great for 2 days, the 2nd bent in 1 day after I thought I went easy on cinching my shelter down since it wasn't going to be windy. Anyone else run into this issue or have any idea if it's user error? I don't know squat about trekking poles and it looks like the only replacement tips I can get from Leki are called Flex Tip which leads me to believe this is my problem but the ones on there today are not exactly flexible, even putting my weight into them they don't appear to budge at all. Curious to hear if anyone has had better luck with different trekking poles/tips?