Tripod & Head for outdoor photography


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Mar 30, 2019
I have a good back-country tripod and head, that I really like (Outdoorsmans Medium and Micro Head). I am thinking of getting a separate tripod and head for photography that is more for that purpose (not really a video guy, but would likely be used for that on the rare occasion I do use a tripod for video). I use a DSLR camera (that will likely upgrade soon also). I would likely use this tripod/head from the truck with my spotter. This tripod/head will likely be used for digiscoping some too.

Obviously I do not want to pay the weight fairy to much... but my main goal with this setup is NOT weight related. I do not have to have carbon, unless it has other benefits beyond lightweight.

I am 6'2" and do not really want to use a center extension post, if possible. If I did use one it would have to be rock solid.

Any suggestions on what some of you use, that would meet these criteria?

Camera Land

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Jan 13, 2017
The best bet for photography would be to use a ball head. Allows for lot of flexibility. Sirui has a few kits that come with ball heads that are fantastic and on promo this month.
The K series of ball heads are rock solid, coupled with the W series of tripods you can use it in any condition. Depending on your height you may not need to use the center post at all. Sirui also has the SR series of tripods that have no center post.
Call me to discuss your options. All Sirui are 15% off this month, the N series is 25% off and then you get back 15% from Sirui.