Virginia Black Bear


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Sep 7, 2014
Monterey VA
"If i see a big one with my bow i might kill him" thats a quote i have repeated several times over the past few years, I have killed 3 bear with a rifle when my family used to run hounds for them and seen several others while deer hunting i coulda killed with a gun. But just didnt have the desire to or they werent a true 300 pound plus trophy etc.
However all that goes out the window when your kids are with you in the field lol. They were excited, so i was excited!! We were just getting settled in at the base of a big oak tree, with a fallen tree in front of it that made a nice natural blind. When i caught movement out the corner of my eye, and told the kids to sit down, somethings coming! The bear fed to within 35 yards or so, and luckily i made a good shot and she didnt run far. A memorable experience with the kids, and i hope they always remember it.

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