What type of a Mule Deer Hunter are You?


Apr 29, 2012
I recently returned from a trip to wyoming mule deer hunting. Like always it was a great trip and I'm already planning for next season. I had run into a ton of people this year way more preasure than ever before in the area I was hunting atleast. I talked with some of the people that I had bumped into and really enjoyed talking with them. One of the guys I talked with lives in Western Wyoming and had never really hunted for trophy mule deer until this year and the bug had a bite on him. It was refreashing to see new blood in the game and a different way of thinking. He did not harvest and neither did I. I also talked with 2 game and fish guys that were really cool. I asked about some of the outfitters in the area (I know most of them as I guided in the area for 5 years.) After talking for a bit I quickly lost some respect for some of the guys that I used to hold a high amount of respect for. I dont mind that they hunt hard and scout but I dont feel that it is right to pay a guy to babysit a buck or bull all summer and half the fall. Maybe Im just not into that and its all fine and dandy. They also in my opinion way over booked their hunt. When I guided in that same area our goal was 6-8 deer hunters per season. The one outfitter alone had close to 30 deer hunters booked. Maybe its not a big deal and I'm being a dink. At the end of the day it doesn't matter I guess. But I did pass on 2 bucks that were pretty awesome just not what I was after. I have some pictures of the best one I seen I'll put on when I get home. Pretty sure he didn't make it though not as many people as stupid as me to pass on good bucks in hopes of a giant.
So I guess I really got on here to blow alittle steam sorry for the thread just had to get it off my mind. Long and short of it I think I'll be hunting some new country next season. :cool:

robby denning

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Feb 25, 2012
SE Idaho
All opinions welcome.

Good to hear your perspective and I can see where you are coming from. Lots of hunters out there want a great mule deer and there are lots of legal means to get one, including the tactics you mentioned. It does make it feel a little less like hunting, though.


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Jun 21, 2012
Nor Cal
Personally, I've never killed a B&C buck, bull or otherwise. I know some DIY guys do kill some big critters, and it is seldom because they happened into them. Those DIY book bucks are usually the result of a great deal of pre season scouting.

Since I have a limited amount of vacation time It is unlikely I'll ever be able to devote that kind of time to finding or patterning one particular animal outside of my local region. Thus I've adjusted my expectations accordingly. I don't begrudge a professional for tending to his "inventory" any more than a rancher will check on his cattle in the high country. That is his business. Personally, If I was in the outfitting business, I would concentrate on summer fishing and camping since it is a much lower key clientele without the expectations that many hunters have expecting success and size.


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Mar 8, 2012
I am picky. Eating tag soup this year, because i missed and ether want anything worth putting the tag on street the two big guys i didn't connect with.

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