WKR - we could use your help! Looking inside for free candy and memes

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Jan 24, 2015
First of all, I’d like to say, MEME’S ARE WELCOME! Nothing keeps threads at the top better than meme wars! ;)

Here’s the parent thread…. https://www.rokslide.com/forums/threads/scammer-got-me-for-2500.274190/

Scumbag thieving scammers have been hitting rokslide hot and heavy lately. While it sucks to lose 50 bucks, getting scammed for the cost of a set of NL pures really hurt! Especially when you’re 17 years old and saved up for years to afford alpha glass.

Some scumbag took @OregonHunter13 , Brady, for $2570 for a set of NL Pures. I thought the rokslide community might help ease the pain with some small donations! With the blessing of @robby denning , I’m posting Brady’s PayPal. My thought was if 250 of us donated $10 each we could help Brady out for the cost of a 1/4 pounder with cheese!

@Team4LongGun vetted the kids and he’s good to go. Everything checks out. It sounds like he’s worked for everything he’s bought himself which makes me even more eager to help. When team4longgun FaceTimed him he was at work at a coffee shop. Thanks for the detective work!!!

If you donate, please continue the “count” so we know when we’re getting close to 250. If you donate more, then add to the count in increments of 1 per $10.

PayPal - @Bradyhull22

PayPal email address - [email protected]

Is there a Rokslide sponsor that would be willing to sell OH13 a set of 10x42 pure for a discounted rate?

PSA - don’t expect to get bailed out if you get scammed. @MuleyFever might lose his mind! 😉

  1. WTB ad is the EASIEST way to get scammed on rokslide!
  2. PayPal friends and family allows for no recourse
  3. Venmo allows for no recourse
  4. A photo is great, but photoshop allows people to add their usernames and dates to google photos
  5. FaceTime is even better. It’s not 100% but the more challenges you can give a spammer the better the chances of you figuring it out!!!
  6. Do your research on the member
A. Tenure

B. Number of posts

C. Classifieds transactions

D. Non-classified posts. If the seller has 50 posts and 45 of them are in the welcome the new guy forum…there’s your sign. Most scammers aren’t hunters, so if they’re a contributing member with knowledgeable posts that’s a good sign.

  1. I had a guy try to scan me a few months back. He had 6 months of tenure, and 2 transaction in the classifieds, one for a buyer and one for a seller. After looking at the seller and buyer, both had similar join dates, and almost zero posts. Obviously his aliases. Sometimes digging a little deeper will unravel their plan!
  2. The more you dig, the more confident you will be!!!!


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Aug 13, 2016
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45/46, $20

I’m so glad you did this! I hated reading that kids story.

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