Wyoming unit 80 realistic trophy potential


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Mar 2, 2018
From my research seems like quality of bucks & hunt can be very weather dependent? Go hunt had 170 potential but that dnt mean much... just figured since i should have antelope 52 tag in pocket as well(same area) I'd burn 5 pts in reg draw & get a deer tag & rifle hunt first week of October as a combo hunt. I've only killed one mule deer, utah general season velvet forky with a bow, fun hunt but I'm not too picky( but dream of a nice muley to go with my few 160 class whitetail on the wall. But at end of day I only get to go out west every other year & since antelope & deer tag should I plan to shoot the first decent buck bigger then a fork I see or if I get off the roads & hunt hard hold off for something better. A 130- 150 doable or plan on meat buck/eating tag? Any feedback appreciated from guys who have hunted this area for deer or antelope, feel free to pm, my 10th post so should be able to reply haha

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