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    Waterproof backpacks, as in drybag style.

    Have you checked out the Fishpond Thunderhead?
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    Christensen Arms Mesa Extraction Issue

    I do not know exactly. I'll try to check with him but he's heading back from a hunt in Mexico now. While he was displeased with the issue, he seemed happy with Christensen and he was able to easily fix it him self with what they sent him.
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    Christensen Arms Mesa Extraction Issue

    What he says. I've had no problems with my Ridgeline but a buddy did with this. He called Christensen and they were aware of the problem and gave him two options. Send the bolt back and they would fix it or they could send him a kit to correct the problem and save time. He chose the latter and...
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    First Time Coues Hunt 2019 Trip Report

    Congratulations of a terrific hunt and great report. I'm thinking of planning a post-Thanksgiving hunt myself for 2020. You've really peaked my interest.
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    WTB WTB Ithica Model 37

    I have one I'm thinking of selling. I think the main barrel is a modified choke. It comes with a deer slayer barrel that I had fitted for a turkey choke. Is this something you are interested in? If so, shoot me a PM.
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    Hunting South Africa

    This is where we go. I was leery at first but the regional travel clinic is in the neighboring county and they are top notch. Start there.
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    Hunting South Africa

    I've been to Africa 6 times hunting and traveling in 5 different countries. Don't rely on what your outfitter tells you. He's almost assuredly not a qualified medical practitioner. I would even caution relying on your regular general practitioner. Mine did a half assed search while I was there...
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    Best Credit Card Rewards

    It really depends on what you are looking for. I have a GM card that I've had long enough that I get 5% or 10% credit up to $500 per year towards a new GM vehicle. $3,500 came in handy a few months ago when I purchased a new truck (I don't think they offer such a good deal on new GM cards...
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    transferring elk stink to the meat

    My bull from this year was a stinker. However, thus far the only cut I have had that had that smell when I defrosted it was the tongue and I think it could have been from the blood (but who knows, could have been saliva). Once I washed it well the smell was very, very faint and none whatsoever...
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    Jerky With No Curing Salt

    This is exactly what I do. No curing salts, no heat. I've been making biltong for the past 8-9 years. I have a curing box with a lightbulb in the bottom with vent holes and a computer fan in the top. I can only do it in the winter when humidity levels are low, but I hang strips of biltong for...
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    Duffel for Backpack

    The carry-on backpack thread brought up a question. I've checked a full size backpack in the past with most of my gear in it and carried on a smaller pack/bag on with optics, etc. I used my rain fly as a cover and synched it down tight to get the straps etc. covered. However, rain flys are not...
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    Flying with backpacks

    LOL. Good point.
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    Flip/Lever Lock Tripod?

    This is a damn good price.
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    Flying with backpacks

    Just have a plan to get any valuables/breakables out of your pack if they make you gate check it. Spotting scopes, binos, range finders, etc. I was watching baggage handlers drop gate checked bags down to one another for loading. When I got to my destination both wheels on my rolling carry on...
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    Flip/Lever Lock Tripod?

    Check out the Sirui ET-1204 Carbon Fiber Tripod. I picked one up on Ebay for about $180. I too insisted on flip lock. One handed adjustment on uneven terrain is so much easier with flip lock.