2020 Best Bull Elk Hunt Photo Contest, sponsored by Kifaru

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robby denning

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Feb 25, 2012
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We're back! This is the 5th year of this contest. Our friends at Kifaru have put up a $750 Gift Certificate for 1st place again this year!!!! That's 750 Washington's to roll out in the Kifaru store with no smack-talkin' from the bride (or hubby for you ladies!)

The $750 is for first place,

2nd place will be the ever-popular-and-often-out-of-stock Rokslide Kill Kit shown below

Jr8fish took the Kifaru money last year (just like he did in 2018 here!!!) with this winning photo:

This is NOT a biggest bull contest, but a "best photo" contest. The winning photo will be judged on the following criteria and rules:

1) WOW Factor. Is it a great photo that grabs the viewer? This takes in lighting, color, uniqueness, etc.

2) Composition- by that I mean the way in which the different parts that make up your photo are arranged- is there too much background, not enough animal? or visa versa? Are the antler tips out of the frame or the hunters head cut off? Or is it a good balance between the bull, the hunter, the terrain? (the hunter is not required to appear in the photo.)

3) Size of animal. This doesn't mean biggest animal wins, but if #1 and #2 are equal, we'll chose the bigger animal.

4) Must be a photo of a bull harvested in 2020 (or after December 10th of 2019--you must be able to prove date of harvest)

5) Between archery season and December 10th, post up your best harvest photo on this thread

6) Must be a Rokslide member to enter your photo. One photo per bull only. If you harvest multiple bulls, you can enter one photo for each

7) Also, by posting on this thread, you agree to let Rokslide and Kifaru use any of the photos in promotional material without compensation

8) Any international winner is responsible for border tax, custom fees, excessive postage fees, etc.

If you want to see the 2019 finalists and get an idea of what we're looking for, click here


Nov 23, 2018
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