2022 Rokslide Cold Bow Challenge

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Mar 4, 2020
Hey all. Shot the CBC two years ago for my first year of bowhunting. Didn't bow hunt last year or participate in the CBC so this is technically my second go.

MER is 45 yards. My first year was 30 so this is a big step back for me. I know you guys are shooting 60 plus and I hope to get there soon, but this is as far as I've shot my bow yet, anytime.

I'm shooting a New Breed Genetix (60lb), TreeLimb quiver, with a G5 drop away rest, double pin Spot Hogg sight and Spot Hogg Wise Guy wrist release. Arrows are Gold Tip Hunter Pro 340 with 100g field points.

New Breed bow 2.jpg

New Breed Bow 3.jpg

Day 1. 10 mph winds, but around 50 degrees so not too bad. I'm pretty happy with this first shot although I was definitely low and I'll chalk that up to nerves unless I keep doing it, in that case I have no excuses!

CB shot day 1.jpg

Day 2. No idea why I pushed this right. 10mph wind and 55 degrees, very mild conditions. I’m guessing I’ll need a lot more practice at this range when this is over.


Day 3. Very happy it’s in the vitals but still pushing right of aim. Conditions were as good as they could ever be (68 degrees with an 8 mph wind).


Day 4. Last few days have been snowing so I’ve had to take a break. 41 degrees with a 5 mph wind. Felt colder than 41 with the fresh snow, but not bad considering. Guess whatever I’m doing to push my arrows right is consistent.


Day 5. Beautiful day. 74 degrees and a 5 mph wind. That’s a wrap for me! Still right of aim today, and not the tightest group over 5 days but super encouraging as a new archer. I’ve now got the time to try and figure out what I’m doing to push everything right.

Super thankful for the challenge. I would most likely not practiced past 40 yards before this, but will now push it out beyond 50 over the summer. Can’t wait to start throwing more than one arrow down range! Thanks again Rokslide for the push.

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Mar 9, 2012
Franklin, Idaho
PSE Omen Pro 70 lbs
Gold Tip Expedition Hunters 300 Spine
Ulmer Edge 100 grain broadheads
Total arrow weight 420 grains
Black Gold Ascent 5 pin sight
Schaffer Opposition Rest
Tight Spot Quiver

MER: 70 yards,
Target Species: Mule Deer (8 inch diameter vitals)

Day 1: No wind, shot felt good, just a bit high

Day 2, a little breezy but not bad. The shot felt good, but was a little left.

Day 3. I think I forgot to level the bow, so the shot was a bit left. If that would have been a big buck I'd be upset. The conditions were calm and a bit cool.

Day 4. I ran up before work and shanked it, the wind was calm, I just punched the trigger.

Day 5: In the circle, but not great, there was 10-12 mph wind gusts blowing at my back. I tried to time a lull in the wind.

Summary: This is the 3rd year I've done this and it humbles me every time. It's easy to shoot ~30 arrows and only remember the best ones and think that's how it'll be in the field. This exercise really shows you where you're at. I lost my shooting spot from previous years so I had to drive up the canyon to get 70 yards. It seemed like kind of a lot of effort to fling one arrow, but hunting deer for a week to maybe get to fling one arrow is a lot more effort. Some of my equipment is getting a little long in the tooth, it might be time to start shopping for a new bow. Thanks for putting this on! It always motivate me to ramp up to get ready to hunt.
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Sep 29, 2016
I love the cold bow challenge! Thank you Robby for hosting every year! Awesome prizes as always!

Here’s my setup:
Mathews V3 31 75 lbs
Hamskea trinity rest
Black gold 3 pin slider
Stokerized stabilizer
Q-lite quiver
Nock 2 it release
Easton FMJ 300 spine with 50 grain brass insert. AAE max stealth 3 fletch with wrap. 100 grain sevr 1.5 broadhead. Total weight = 527 gr
(Killed my first mule deer last year using this setup)

Setting my maximum effective range at 75 yards for this challenge. I’m shooting at a mini elk target. Vitals measure about 10 inches wide and 8 inches tall.

Shot #1

Shooting slightly uphill. 6 pm. Great conditions. My son is supervising


In the vitals! Very happy with this shot!
(Last year I shot at an elk with my bow for the first time ever. I missed 2 spikes. I’m hoping practicing on the mini elk will boost my confidence and help me kill my first bull this season )

Shot #2

Swing and a miss! And just like that the cold bow challenge humbles me. Dropped my bow arm and my arrow skipped right under the target. Spent almost an hour looking for my arrow and never found it! Double suck! This shot was more challenging. Same angle but I was wearing my pack and the wind was a little gusty. No excuse! Gotta get better.

Shot #3

Missed the bottom of the vitals by about 1”. I moved the target for a downhill angled shot. I dialed my sight to 76 after missing low on the previous shot. I will definitely have to tweak my sight tape after this challenge.

Shot #4

Very windy today. My phone said gusts up to 23 mph. The wind was going right to left. I held my pin straight up the front leg but that wasn’t nearly enough. Missed the vitals by about 3”. Honestly it felt good just to hit foam in that wind. My pin was bouncing all over the place.

Shot #5

Felt good to finish with a good shot. No wind. Shot a regular flat shot, no angle. Backpack on. I like this perfect practice. Everyone is good in their backyard on flat ground but angles and wind make it tough. Bring on September!

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Oct 9, 2020
2021 Mathews Prima, 50#, 24.5”, axis 400 with 100g grim reaper 3 blade broadhead. MER 50 yards, vital zone: white hexagon (about 8 inches)

Day 1: light wind from right and light rain, 50 degrees 1C6143A6-9A54-4535-9194-B97F4E225635.jpeg

Day 2: about 55 degrees, no wind or rain today, still shooting a lil low

Day 3: about 70 degrees no wind or rain. Made a pin adjustment and height is better but still pulled a little right

Day 4: I shot and forgot to upload the photo prior to going on vacation so I don’t remember what the weather conditions were like

Day 5: light wind from the left though not enough to explain why most of my shots are pulling right, more practice maybe need to alter my grip

pretty sure I moved my pin after day 3 which was actually a bad idea as I was shooting single arrows not groups and that wasn’t enough data to justify a move so day 4 was high then I moved pin back to where it was. After shooting last arrow for challenge I shot a few groups at 30 and 40 and didn’t see the pull right like I had in most of the challenge shots
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Apr 1, 2019
Day 1

MER 45 yards

This is my second year doing this challenge. I’ve shot very little this spring, but hope this challenge pushes me to start shooting every evening to prepare for the fall. Shooting a Hoyt Carbon Element 70#. Arrow setup: 340 grain Gold tip Hunter pro with 100 grain Hellrazor broadhead. Kill zone 6 inches.

Day 1 I’m low and left. Perfect conditions, I’m just rusty.

Day 2:
After an early morning run, I decided to attempt round 2. Slight right to left wind. 55 degrees. Still pulled a bit to the left.


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Feb 13, 2020
BC Canada
Still shooting my old reliable set up
Hoyt Carbon Defiant 34
29” @ 70#
Hamskea hybrid hunter
Spot Hogg 5 pin site
Tight spot quiver
Day six 300 spine @ 28”
4 AAE max stealth vanes and a 5“ wrap
Iron Will S100 broadhead
515 total grains

MER 60 yards this year, an increase from 50 yards last year.
I will be using the inside of the crosshairs as my 10” kill zone for Elk.

Day 1
Calm and sunny
I practiced the last two weeks shooting my broadhead first and was shooting very consistent.
I got excited and took a peak too soon and this was my result. Barely snuck it in the bottom.

Day 2
Rainy and overcast. Little to no wind

Well after a busy week of wrapping up at work and travelling home for break up I made it home and set up at a new location to finish the challenge.
I am very happy with the results for day 2.

Day 3
Calm with no wind

Well, day three was a bit of a bust. My shot broke high before I had my pins settled and honestly I am lucky I hit foam.

Day 4
Stormy with gust winds head on.
And a complete miss to the left today. Can’t blame it on the wind I waited for the calm in between gusts. So far CBC 2022 has shown me I have a lot of work to do.

Day 5
Stormy with a steady right to left wind.
Just about flung this one wide as like I did yesterday.
This year I pushed my range out to 60 from 50 the previous year. I had shot pretty well a couple weeks before the CBC started at 60 but this has shown me that when the pressure is on 60 is just too far.

Thanks to the Rokslide crew and al the sponsors for making this happen again this year. The CBC is something I look forward to every spring!
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Aug 20, 2019
Good morning and here’s to a better 2022!

Last year my MER was 38 yards.

This year, a lot of changes to challenge myself…

My setup:
-Mathews Vertix: 28.5” @ 65# (had to get re-strung, re-cammed and re-tuned after my brother dry-fired it last fall)
-Easton 5mm FMJs @ 28.25” for total weight of 480gr.
-Slick Trick magnum 100gr. I have some VPA SB and would like IW SBs, but when I re-tuned it, the only field points I had were 100gr, so sticking with the same weight. The VPAs are heavier and I haven’t tuned to them.
-Stock QAD rest
-Trijicon Accupin sight system. It’s my first adjustable and I love it. Like it better than my MBG sight for my eye. I can use it here in Mich, and they’re a hometown company.
-Tuff Guy release

I chose 60 yards this year. @JG636 enlightened me that I can reach out.

Primary game is Michigan whitetail. I can’t see a range here being >40y, but I’ll practice for more. I want to challenge myself to become elk-capable.

My target:

That balloon is 6” diameter, so about elk-heart-sized. Looks bigger for perspective in this photo. Hopefully I’ll be well capable for deer or elk heart/lung.

My range:

That’s 60 yards. Nearly 4° down angle, if I recall from my rangefinder? Total elevation change is maybe 10-15’.

Here it is zoomed in:

Day 1: 53°F. No real breeze to speak of (maybe 1-2mph on my left cheek). 8:30am. Slight drizzle.


Drilled it on the left edge of what would be the heart. Jumped for joy!

Day 2:

Ok, so day 2 wasn’t as good. Shot broke fairly cleanly, but I’m anything but focused and it shows. I am doing this to challenge myself. So I ran up and down the hill a couple of times, it’s late, and I haven’t eaten. And it’s well into dusk.

But the point of choosing a smaller target is to force myself to aim-small/miss-small. So this still would have gotten me my dinner.

53°. 4mph tailwind. And I’m 3/4” left.

Now my kids get to enjoy popping the balloon with their bows.

Day 3:

Alright. This was a tough shot. 43°F, steady downpour, but not a blowing-sideways-storm. Frankly, aside from deer movement, this will probably be representative of the weather early in Michigan’s bow season. And 43° is cold in a cold rain. To make it more realistic, I ran up and down the hill twice, then sat in the cold long enough for my fingers to get cold.

I pulled it off.

Things I learned:
- good gloves. Hard to shoot with cold fingers
- balloons are awesome… the immediate feedback is like shooting steel!
- I really need to work on follow through if I’m going to pretend that I can shoot game at this distance. I didn’t feel confident or good after yesterday’s shot that felt like I was really lucky to be that close. But better than yesterday after this shot… I settled in today with the same breathing/trigger press/sight picture/sight movement pattern I use with rifles. Much better than yesterday.
- I need spellcheck. I almost typed a cuss-word in lieu of “shot” up there.
- I could stand to lighten my trigger on my release. @JG636 has a feather pull compared to mine.
- before I do that, I need to work on fundamentals. I fell out of the valley before I broke this shot and let down. As I did I noticed my support hand on my grip dip, like I was anticipating the shot. Maybe I’m tired. Maybe a bunch of excuses, but I need more practice and to keep it together. I’d have spooked a Michigan whitetail had I fallen out of the valley like that.
- the arrow I used (less the broadhead; I was using a field point that day) had been buried in the ground two weeks ago. I’d shot at this distance after sighting in, but my sight was still set for the 34y random distance I’d last used (first adjustable sight), and I lost it for 4 days because it was buried 5” deep in the soft earth. It spun true after I dug it out, so I used it here and it works.
- holy cow these slick tricks penetrate. This target is fairly new and not at all shot-out. You can see I buried it to the nock. Again, just under 500gr at 265 fps… so it’s stout enough, but not like the monster setups some guys on here are shooting. I may not need to upgrade these if they do this on an animal!

Day 4:
Today’s shot:

Had to show the balloon fragment there to the side. That was satisfying.

45°, no wind. Damp, but no rain. Coffee on board and Sudafed. Dispensed with that running-up-the-hill nonsense. I think I shoot better in the mornings? Also learned that next time this thing gets re-strung, I need a dash of color. It’s a touch monochromatic.

I tell ya, this felt good. Good stance. Smooth even draw. Shot broke clean. Solid follow through. Good sight picture with minimal wobble. Felt like the best shot yet. Way better than how lucky I was to even be on target on Day2.

Final thing I learned: it was more fun watching my 9 yo recover from near-tears frustration at his lack of consistency to deliver solid smooth shots and pop a balloon of his own.

(Extra pic just for fun)

Day 5:
Conditions were pretty ideal. Maybe a 6-7mph breeze off my back right shoulder. Late afternoon, full light. 58°

This was the perfect kind of zen… I don’t feel well and had a long day at work. But I got to just tune all that out and focus on the act of each component of the shot.

Shot was released really quickly, but broke clean. It was just a good-feeling shot. The balloon exploded with a vigorous pop and scattered fragments all over, even pulling the paper clip out of the block.


Thanks again Robbie! This was a great time this year. 4/5 “hearts” hit, and likely 5 dead deer or elk. I’m better than I was, but imperfect yet. Good chance at self improvement and prayer and reflection. Now we pray for the opportunity this fall.

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Jul 18, 2018
2nd year in the Cold Bow Challenge!

MER - 80yds

Target is the vitals of a mini elk. Planning on a September archery elk hunt so anywhere in this much smaller vitals will ensure accuracy.

Shooting the Mathews V3X 33, 30.5” draw, 77.5lbs. QAD integrated HDX, Axcel Landslyde with single pin AV-41, Shrewd RevX 15” front bar on 8* drop QD, 4oz weight and a Shrewd RevX 8” back bar on a Shrewd Mathews side mount with 10oz of weight. Shooting the side plates on the grip, first season and I love it so far. Release is a TruBall Fulkrum Flex

Arrow is a Black Eagle X-Impact 250 spine shooting a Valkyrie archery system with the 180 grain Jager LR. Total arrow weight at 508 grains shooting at 287’/sec. 4 fletched with TAC vanes. Loving this setup so far, just have to find glue that holds these outserts on someday, it’s an issue.


Day 1 - May 1st - perfect weather, no wind. Shot broke perfect.


Day 2 - May 2nd - swirling winds, shot felt like it broke high but impact was near the same spot. Detail to prove it wasn’t the same photo lol


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Day 3 - May 3rd - windy, 15-20mph right to left. Shot broke low, bad overall shot.


Day 4 - May 4th - perfect conditions, calm before a massive storm coming into Oklahoma. Literally within an inch of Day 1&2. I am breaking good shots and hitting low left, but did not broadhead tune prior to this. Looking forward to putting in a little more work and seeing if it needs a little tune or if I am actually hitting there. I am going to hold high and right tomorrow just for the final day.



Day 5 - May 5th - Final day and best shot yet! Light wind but had a strong hold and held a few inches higher. Feel really good with the results but need to fine tune. Good luck to everyone finishing the challenge and good luck this fall!

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May 31, 2017
Wind isn't ever going to stop so might as well get going.

Diamond Fugitive 60#
Kwikee 3 arrow quiver
Ripcord rest
HHA single pin
Scheels Vendetta Pro 400
Eastman 3 blade titanium broadheads
45 yards
8" paper plate


Day 1: Wind 25-30, gusting to 40 L-R.


Day 2: Wind 5-10 coming straight at me. 120 days until season starts.


Day 3 Grrrrr. Held for a 5mph wind. Been blowing so hard I just expect it to affect my shot.


Day 4: I got a win!


Day 5: Ugh. Wind calls just killed me this year. Direct result of not practicing.

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Apr 17, 2021
Excited to participate this year. Haven’t shot nearly as much as I normally do by this time in the year.
Shooting a Hoyt Defiant that I have had for about 5 years with Montec G5 broad heads. Using a blemished(and heavily abused) rinehart target with an 8 inch kill zone.

-Black Gold 7 pin sight

-Easton Axis 5mm arrows

-Bee Stinger stab

-Scott Archery Release

-Using a Montec G5 fixed broadhead

-tight spot 7 arrow quiver

-QAD rest

Decided my MER cold would be 50 due to my lack of shooting this last few months.

Day 1:
50 Yards.
Light cross wind.
Not mad at the shot.

Day Two:
Cool and calm outside.


Day Three:
Weather was calm.
Pulled the shot pretty hard.


Day Four:
Calm weather.
Shot a little left.

Day 5:
Night shot. Weather was calm.
Solid shot. Happy.

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Sep 25, 2016
This year I will be shooting a Mathews VXR 31.5 set at 65lbs @28" draw length. I am shooting 5mm Easton Axis 340 shafts with standard HIT insert and three Bohning 3" x-vanes with a right helical with a 100gr broadhead. 12" Cutter stabilizer, Stan Perfex LN release, QAD rest, and 5 pin Black Gold Ascent Verdict. The arrow weighs in at 424 grains is 27 3/8" carbon to carbon. The broadhead I will be shooting is the 100gr Kudu Point. MER will be 60 yards. Vital size is the 8” face on the matrix hex module.

Day 1:
46 degrees and spitting rain. Slight breeze maybe 3-4mph out of th southeast.

Day #2
Shot didn't feel like I executed well. Weather was 73 and a 10mph crosswind. Not sure if I should consider this an acceptable shot.

Day #3
Felt shot better today. Wind was gusting up to 25mph, so the fact that I hit the vital ring I will take it.
Day #4
64 and sunny today. Worst part of this day was wind. Weather station showed 27mph after I left my arrow go. Bow didn’t seem to float all over the place as the wind was at my back headed towards target. Overall I wasn’t sure where shot would land with the wind, but I am pleased.
Day #5
Well a swing and a miss today. 54 and cloudy. I have no explaination for the miss, but thats how it goes at times.
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Oct 10, 2020
Central CA
I’m in.

MER 75 Yards
Mathews VXR 31.5
75lb draw 30.5”
Axcel 3 pin slider set at 30,40 & 50 yards
Gold Tip airstrike with ironwill collar.
Arrow Weight 490gr.
SEVR. 2.0 ROBUSTO 150gr. Broadhead

That outer white ring of the center dot is my ideal kill zone for deer and elk. Shooting with quiver and arrows attached.


SEVR 2.0 and sight tape set to 75 yards

8” kill zone on the target.

COLD SHOT #1 on 5/01/22 @ 9:20 am. 5MPH left to right wind. Didn’t hold any correction.

COLD SHOT #2 @75 yards on 5/2/22. 10-15mph gusts coming from 6 o’clock. Took about 40 secondS for the shot to break and the pin floating all over the place. Really happy with this shot given the conditions.

COLD SHOT #3 on 5/3/22. 12MPH left to right wind. Held 6” left of center. Was holding steady in the wind and shot broke in about 10 seconds. Sun directly in my eyes was tough to center up the peep and the sight housing.

COLD SHOT #4 on 5/4/22. Calm conditions.

COLD SHOT #5 on 5/5/22. 7-8MPH right to left wind. Held right of target a few inches.

Really happy with the outcome of this challenge, and it was super fun!
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Apr 4, 2020
Count me in.

MER 60 yards trying to stay in the 4" white square (edit, square is 3"x3" not 4 like I thought.

2013 Hoyt Carbon Matrix G3 72 lbs 30"
Old Black Gold Ascent Target sight with Spot Hogg Double pin .010
Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro rest
416 grain Black Eagle X impact with Iron Will 50 grain insert and 10 grain titanium collars
AAE Hybrid 2.0" 4 fletch
Sevr Titanium 1.5 broadheads
20220501_113648.jpg 20220501_113326.jpg
DAY 1- LIGHT RAIN 48°F 5mph gusting 10 mph right to left wind
DAY 2- 55°F LIGHT WIND- wasn't holding as steady as normal. Blaming the coffee but the shot broke well and hit the mark.
DAY 3- 37°F No wind. Shot felt good, less shaky today. Barely caught the top left corner of the square but it's in.
DAY 4- 40°F No wind. Shot felt really good and hit right where it should.
DAY 5- 56°F 10mph right to left wind
Shot felt really good today, didn't hold for wind and barely made it in for 5/5!
Next year I'll do 80 at a slightly bigger vital I think. This was alot of fun! Thanks Robby and the Rokslide team for running the CBC.
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Feb 10, 2016
Back for CBC 2022!

Doing things a little different this year, couple weeks ago decided to retune bow for some old 4mm I had lying around and use them for turkey season this spring. These won’t be my big game arrows in the fall so I am going to make my MER and Killzone based on turkeys.

MER = 50yards
Killzone = 5-6” square taped out on my target
Elite Impulse 34, 72# at 29.25” draw
Sevr 2.1 Broadhead 100g

Light rains, light breeze… wish I was hunting!
Not bad, Let the pressure start building!

Didn’t pay attention to my grip and knew it was a flop on release.

Windy windy might not shoot today…
5/6 super windy again today but I couldn’t wait anymore
Shot kneeling as I usually am when turkey hunting or probably most archery hunting I do
Shot felt good and I thought it was in the money but results say otherwise. I’ll blame the wind… probably is lack of practice this spring…

5/8 snuck a shot in just before sunset last night, kneeling again.

That’s more like it!

Not quite…. The lack of shooting this spring is pretty apparent, my misses were not too far off but not great and I know I can shoot better. I’ll spend all summer practicing and will definitely do another CBC before big game season

Thanks again everyone for making this happen


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Jul 14, 2020
MER is 53 yards this year but shrinking kill zone to 4.5" circle for deer for an increased challenge. Shooting a NoCam at 66# 28". 5 pin Axcel. QAD rest. 10/8 bars. Axis arrows with 75gr HIT, 4 fletch with a lumenok, and a 100gr Exodus head.

Day 1 with 16 mph wind. Blades just clipped the top of the circle but calling it out of the zone:


Day 2: no wind, gorgeous evening and just a bit outside on the execution.


Day 3: 9 mph wind blowing a storm out. Not my best shooting.


Day 4: No wind. Found the kill zone.


Day 5: Swing and a whiff. Poor showing this year from me. Shrinking the kill zone got me. But lessons learned for the off season.



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Aug 19, 2019
Setup is a Hoyt RX-1 Ultra at 31” and 73lbs
MBG Ascent 5 pin
Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro
Shooting 502gr Bloodsport Evidence arrows with 4 1.75” bohning X vanes 90°. At 295fps

MER is 80 yards with a 8” square. As I plan to spot and stalk muleys and antelope this fall.

Shooting field points as my brodhead target is at my parents 60 miles away and I can’t shoot these public range targets with broadheads ha.

DAY 1. 64°F with a 2mph wind from behind me. Shot was in the vitals towards the upper right.



DAY 2. 78° with about a 10mph wind from right to left across the target. Shot was in the vitals!

DAY 3. 84° no wind. Shot felt great and was in the vitals.

DAY 4. 76° and a 18mph wind. Pin was all over but though it felt decent. Ended up being about 4” low.

DAY 5. Chilly morning, 45 and slight breeze. Ended on a good note! Shot in the vitals (barely).

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Apr 7, 2019
Same ol Hoyt Nitrum turbo
Custom strings 72lbs
Spott Hogg 7 deadly pins
Easton axis match 300 spine
125 slick trick viper trick broadhead moving about 295 fps
MER 55 yds , 9 inch target

Day 1- let’s just say I got home and was in a hurry to get my shot In , conditions were great , just nerves got to me and when I let it go I knew it was high , ughh , hate starting like this 🤦‍♂️ A555AB3A-230E-40CA-B63B-42341D34A148.jpeg

Day -2
Good conditions, we’re in ,

Day 3- gloomy pretty good crosswind left to right , snuck it in D690E499-0F3F-4883-8C3F-22A17C8C4124.jpeg
Day 4 - pretty heavy cross wind left to right , lucky shot , held on edge of target 81DA9230-9874-49D0-B456-8366574A163F.jpeg


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Apr 11, 2021
Pushing it back this year. Last year I was at 30 yards. Have learned a lot over the last 12 months and as such, I now know that bad experience is still experience. So, doubling down in 2022 with 60 yards. Doing what my good buddy Bbckfh Is doing as well; shooting at a balloon about the size of a whitetail heart.

Matthew’s V3 31" 70lbs
Hamskea trinity hybrid pro rest
Beestinger 10" micro hex stabilizer
Spot Hogg Fast Eddy XL
Nose button
Mathews SCS

Easton Axis 5mm
300 spine
4 fletch Boning X3
Iron will 100g with 10g sleeve
Total weight-504g

Todays shot was about 55° with a 8-10mph tail wind. Overcast as well. 7C652AA8-8817-47E4-8443-589E24EF7530.jpeg DA051AA8-AD78-483C-B64E-21285D5E3E2A.jpeg C017FC19-1004-4BFD-9D8F-962B8ABBFB4D.jpeg 0433235D-04FE-4924-A66E-4137E5D8CE59.jpeg

Day 2
45° with little to no wind. Felt like I pulled the shot, and to make matters worse I looked at the target to anticipate the balloon popping. Was still able to pop the balloon, but I’m going to chalk this shot to luck-didn’t feel good and made mistakes.


Day 3
No wind. 43 degrees. Moderate heavy rain. Shot felt like it released pretty good; just pulled it to the left. Hopefully it's still a dead deer.


Day 4
No wind, 55 degrees, perfect light at dusk. Everything felt good on this. I followed all my own rules and was patient through the shot. landed it a bit right of the "heart", but I'm still happy with this nonetheless, especially since my elevation has been dead on the last 3 shots.


Day 5
Save the best for last, I guess.... No wind tonight on an overcast rainy evening. Once again, this was a blast to participate in. I think I learned more this year from reading everyone (nearly everyone's) posts and studying the feedback they give off their shot(s) then I did actually shooting. Despite hitting 3/5 "hearts", I'm quite sure I'm not ready to let one fly at a whitetail at 60 yards but this certainly gives me a lot more confidence to drill em' inside of that. Thanks to those that put the leg work in to make this happen, and thanks to those that participate to make this what it is. Can't wait until next year!

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Apr 12, 2016
Bowtech RealmX
68 lbs 28”
463 grain TAW Easton Axis 5mm @ 275 fps
Sevr 1.5” broadhead
TS quiver, vapor trail rest, option 8 sight

Light wind left to right
Stretching it out this year, MER of 60”
Vital is the 8” diameter core of the target
Barely snuck it in


Pouring rain today! Low and right again but missed vitals this time.

Calm slight wind left to right. Low but in the vitals.


Decent breeze left to right. Held on left side of vitals. Should have held a little farther but still a good solid shot in the vitals.

Pouring rain and gusty wind left to right. Held on the left edge of the target for the wind, ended up being too much. Hit right on the left edge of the vitals. Day 5 and done. Stretched my range to 60 this year and showed that it is right on the edge of my range for now.

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Mar 23, 2015
Going with my favorite recurve setup again this year. 19” satori with TT black max 40lb limbs. Pulling low 50lb at my draw length. Black eagle instinct arrows just over 500 grains total. 150gr RMS cutthroat is the broadhead again this year. Tradvanes. I am shooting at 25 yards this year. In years past I’ve pushed the distance to 30, but knew I realistically wouldn’t take a shot that far. I hunt to get my shots under 20.
It was super windy again today in SD, as we’ve only had a couple not windy days all spring it seems like. Wind was right to left, and slightly at my back. I rushed the shot a little due to the wind; I need to finish the shot better by taking another .5 second.

Still shooting ol trusty compound: Mathews switchback XT. Black gold 5 pin slider sight. Whisker biscuit rest. Had the bow for about 13 years now and every year it reminds me I have no need to upgrade. Black eagle rampage arrows, heat vanes, 150gr up front counting the broadhead/half out (g5 montec). Going with 40 yards this year as that is definitely the furthest I plan to shoot at a deer. I felt like I rushed the shot due to the wind ripping me back and forth, but I musta punched it perfect! I canted the bow and held slightly right to compensate for the wind to hit the vital spot

Day 2: minimal wind finally, but didn’t matter much. Yanked my shot with the recurve. Just need to hold through a bit more and let the bow jump in mg hand. Not sure why the compound hit low, felt that I make a good shot. See if they continue to be low, I had an issue with peep a while back and it could be moved from previous.

Day 3: wind left to right, but mild. I punched the compound shot a little from the wind, but didn’t end up terrible. Made a solid shot with my recurve.
Day 4: wind right to left. Made some good shots again today
Day 5: not how I wanted to finish this, but know what I need to do prior to the season.
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