2022 Rokslide Cold Bow Challenge

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Oct 6, 2014
Wasilla, Alaska
Gearhead B20 bow. 65 lbs with a 27” DL.
Copper John TST sight.
Schaffer XV rest.
BStinger Micro Hex stabilizer.
Fuse Carbon 5 arrow quiver.

Victory VAP TKO 350 arrows. 440 grains total weight at about 270 fps.
Grim Reaper Micro Hades 125 g. 3 blade broad heads.

Shot distance of 60 yards on my mini goat target.
Aiming for the 10” wide by 7” high outlined vitals.


Day 1: Sunny, 5-8 mph winds gusting around my house and the target, predominately from left to right.
Shot: Elevation perfect, a few inches forward of the dot in the center, but inside the vitals.


Day 2: Cloudy, 8-10 mph gusts.
Shot: Just got home from driving in traffic, well Alaska traffic.. Let down once as I felt a bit jittery. Pin was dancing around way too much. Actual shot was only a bit better. 3” high from center dot. Barely squeeked it into the vitals.


Day 3: 10:15 PM, Calm
Shot: Broke clean and flew true.


Day 4: 8:45 am. Calm and clear. No wind.
Shot: Rushed it, may have punched the release a bit too. Spine shot. Goat dropped instantly but is going to need a follow up shot. Fail.


Day 5: 8 PM. Calm and overcast.

Shot: Release felt good. And that’s it for this years CBC. 4/5


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Dec 7, 2018
Third CBG for me. Haven’t been shooting much so MER is 40 yards at a 6 inch by 6 inch square.
Hoyt Hyperforce @ 60 pounds
Easton axis 5mm at 28.5 inches
Silent knight four fletch right helical
Bishop Archery SM 125 gr single bevel broadhead
Hamskea rest
Catfish customs strings and cables
Nock 2 IT release
MBG Ascent 3 pin slider


Day 1

40 degrees, calm slightly uphill B316385E-EE58-4B84-95DE-7FEAD9853811.jpeg
Day 2

Calm, fading light. Pulled high from the start. At least I wold have been a clean miss in the woods FA021B44-584A-4AAC-9BA4-20ADDB4904E9.jpeg

Day 3
Shot felt better. Just a hair right.


Day 4

A bit of wind but not to bad. Low with a blade just nicking the tape.


Day 5.

This five days of shooting was one of those times when you just shake your head and just think about quitting archery. This was way low. Only 1/5 arrow in the 6x6 tape has been discouraging to say the least.
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Jun 18, 2016
Another Cold Bow Challenge with my Bowtech Experience

Shooting 52yds this year. Not sure I will be able to use this as my MER hunting without more work! Life hasn’t allowed much practice this year. Trying out NAP Killzone broadheads this year.
Killzone: center of rhinoblock

Bowtech Experience: 65lbs, 30.5”
Spot Hogg Fast EddieXL 2pin
Tight Spot 5
Beestinger 10”

Truball Fang release

GoldTip Pierce Platinum 300: 29”, 442gr, NAP Killzone

Day 1:
Standing. Variable 5-8mph wind (mostly from 5 O’clock)
Bright and sunny
Shot felt ok. Definitely could see the arrow released right of my point of aim.

Day 2:
Standing. Wind 5-8mph at 4:30. Overcast.
Miss. Punched the trigger as I was struggling to hold and pull with the gusts today. Need to focus on pulling with back and shoulders.

Day 3:
Standing. Wind 4mph at 7. BRIGHT and sunny, HOT 98°.
The shot felt fine, but missed again. Same general location as the last shot from a few days ago.

Day 4:
Standing. Wind calm at the shot. Bright and sunny again. 82°.
Shot felt fine. Same spot as last shot. It is looking like I must’ve started using a different anchor point… I’ll have to fix that after the CBC!

Day 5:
Standing. Wind gusting 5-12mph from 5 O’clock. Cloudy and ~78°
Shot broke a little high and right, but I don’t think it would be this high and right.

Thank you to @robby denning and the rest of the Rokslide staff for putting this together with some awesome sponsors!
Now it’s time to get back to work on my shooting!

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Mar 21, 2018
In it, I am using my backup bow this year just cause but i do not have it set up for broadheads right now so we will keep this simple:
Bowtech Tribute, old but good
65 lbs, custom barnsdale limbs
limb driver rest, axcel single pin sight

MER is 70.2 yds on my range finder at a Mtn Goat this year:

DAY1: Weather is ~75* strong wind from the back and left a little. Shot felt good at the break and watch the arrow fly as it should

DAY2: Sunny, mild to no wind. 80* and a little muggy with a tom gobbling in the background

DAY3:Overcast, raining slightly and strong wind in my face. Had to time the shot to try and hit a lull

DAY4: Raining slightly and had to wait until the shower subsided. No wind to account for and around 65* for a shot KIMG0292.JPG

DAY5: had to wait until almost dark to finish this up. Rain kept me out of the fields all day. Wind was in my face about 5 mph and had to turn on the pin light to shoot. Not a bad way to wrap up the challenge
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Mar 28, 2016
Syracuse, NY
MER of 52.
2016 Elite Synergy
Easton Axis 5mm 340 spine.
Target is in the heavy black circle, hoping that's an elks bread basket.
Day 1
Perfect calm morning before the neighborhood woke up. felt good @ the release.
Day 2
Another calm morning but an old habit returned... dropped my bow arm at the release...
Day 3
Had to wait until later in the morning to shoot, broke like it should have and followed through for a better result.
Day 4
All good today, 65 and slightly overcast, a good release and good result.
Day 5
Another quite morning, everything went well and a good result.
4/5 not bad but that one could have made for a long tracking job/compromised recovery.....

Want to thank Robby and the mods.
Another great test of real world scenario; no warm ups, no excuses, how did you do.
Have been talking about this with my brother and a friend as they are bow hunters but lacking on the practice side.... a week of this challenge will humble you up, hopefully letting you know there is work to do.
Speaking from the perspective of someone who gets the call... " I hit one, can you help me find it."
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Jaden Bales

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Jan 25, 2018
2nd Year of CBC! Was chasing gobbles for the start so a couple of days tardy.
Last year went 2/5 at 50 yards with the same setup. My MER will be 50 this year trying to go 5/5

Bow: Bowtech Realm SS. 68# at 26" Draw
Sight: Black Gold Ascent Verdict
Arrow/BH: Easton Axis 340's with 125 gr Daysix Broadheads at 494 Gr.
Target: Vitals on Rinehart target. Roughly 6x9"

Shot 1: +1 | Felt great but will bring my aimpoint left a skosh tomorrow.
CBC 22 Shot 1.jpg

Day 2: -1 | Calm. Cloudy. Low 40’s. Shot felt good but I had just gotten out of a kick-butt workout. Wonder if the overall fatigue has that much to play with it. Something to study another day, I suppose.
CBC Shot 2.jpg

Day 3: +1 | Dumping rain and 35-degrees. Arrow went where I wanted it even with a hood on. I dig that. 👍
CBC Shot 3.jpg
Day 4: -1 | Calm, cool, and apparently not collected. I think it's an anchor-point issue, though, so I'm confident I'll get 'er tomorrow.
CBC Shot 4.jpg
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Jun 11, 2018
3rd year doing the CBC. Always a fun spring time activity.

My equipment hasn’t changed.
Hoyt RX-1 Turbo at 70 lbs
Black Gold Ascent 4 pin slider
Crossroad archery stabilizer
Easton Axis 5mm 300 gpi
Iron Will 125 gr solid broadheads with collars
Carter Wise Choice release.

My MER is 62 yards this year. Vitals Zone on the small Elk target is zone I am going for.

Day 1:
Clear, no wind, 48 degrees out. Great day to shoot a bow. 7021939D-EE1F-4AB7-BD6C-C52B5B0C7377.jpeg 1430669E-EC54-4E8D-863F-8371FE437061.jpeg

Day 2: Nice weather outside. 66 degrees. Slight wind in my face. Shot felt good, but barely snuck the arrow into the kill zone.


Day 3: I’ve been busy for the past few days and haven’t been able to get the bow out. Today I finally had some time.

Nice, clear day today. No wind. 55 degrees. Shot felt good at the release. I’m pleased with the result.


Day 4: Beautiful morning. 48 degrees. Slight breeze right to left. Shot felt good.


Day 5: Beautiful day today. 72 degrees, with a slight breeze right to left. Shot felt good. My MER felt comfortable this year. I will extend my MER next year and try to push myself. Thanks for a great challenge.



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Sep 30, 2017
Mer: 60
Hoyt helix ultra 80# 30.5" draw
Iron will wide 100 grains
Day six 250 spine arrows with a wrap and 4 max stealth vanes
Spot hogg 7 pin
Scott rhino xt with a heavy trigger spring g shooting with back tension
Day 1 the shot felt good broke clean just low and left still made it in the module

Day 2

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Day 3 still low thinkin I'll need to do some adjustments in a few days

Day 4 shot felt great and I was happy with where it landed

Day 5 felt alot better after the last 2 days shots tha k you guts for putting this on every year!
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Aug 5, 2020
Shooting my Bowtech Destroyer 350 with Axis 5mm arrows/ 100 grain QAD Exodus

9” vital for elk

50 yard MER
Day 1: A very cold bow. Gusty and low to the left PXL_20220502_225120151.jpg

Day 2: back at it after a little COVID bout. Strong left to right crosswind

Day 3: no wind, pulled hard on release PXL_20220519_170211702.jpg

Day 4 PXL_20220520_202730087.jpg

Day 5 PXL_20220527_162022128.jpg
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Oct 23, 2020
Here we go!

Xpedition X33. This is the first hunting bow I've kept for more than one season in a long time. We get along very well.

Draw length 30.5
Draw weight 77lbs
Arrow is a black eagle x-impact 200 with 135 grain ethics insert and a 100GR ramcat diamondback. Taw is 585gr.
12" bowfinger stab and the trusted old tightspot quiver.
I'm sticking with the spot hogg triple stack again this year as it worked well for me last year. It is pretty heavy though so I think I could be talked out of it fairly easily.

I chose 70 yards this year and about an 8" circle as my target.

Shot #1 was taken at about 50° with a light drizzle and no rain. Just barely lost it off of the circle but not completely disappointed since I haven't shot this bow much lately.

Shot #2 52° dry no wind. I put a good shot on it tonight! Very happy with that 20220503_175812.jpg

Shot #3 light rain but no wind 48° and managed to drop it low and to the right again.

Shot #4 58° sunny, no wind and I put it in the middle. It felt good! 20220510_141135.jpg

Shot #5 43° and raining pretty hard. I am to be missing everything out to the right and my draw length is feeling too long since I replaced my strings last month. I think it's time to revisit the draw board 20220512_173524.jpg


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Apr 25, 2017
Central Texas
Beautiful day here in Central Texas 80° with a 12mph cross wind, late getting started this year due to being away on business.

Love this challenge every year. Such a good way to get started dialing in, as this year I haven’t shot my bow like I normally do.

MER this year is 62yds
Shooting the trusty Mathews VXR31.5 at 75#
Spot Hogg 2 pin
Quivalizer with Mathews offset and backbar with 6oz
QAD drop away

Shooting VAPs 300s with helical 4 fletch AAE Max vanes
Iron Will 125 solids with steel inserts and sleeves
Total weight at 447gr

These are hilariously quiet through this bow

Going for the center box on the Matrix target to mimic muley vitals, barely squeaked it in this time.

Best of luck to everyone this year, hope we all shoot as good as we can hope for or better!

Day 1 80° 12mph cross wind

Day 2 80° again, no wind to speak of.


Day 3 73° Misting with a 7mph wind crossing from right to left. Almost stacking this one in the same hole as yesterday. Lol

Day 4 95° with a 15mph wind coming from my 5 o’clock. Elevation was good but didn’t adjust for wind enough.

Day 5 94° 7mph wind from left to right. Shot felt perfect, got to the target… way high. Rushed my range and discovered that I was actually shooting at 59 rather than the 62.6 I had dialed for. Valuable lesson in making 100% sure on your range. This would have been a dead zone shot on a bull or barely clip the lung. Not a wound I want to ethically have on my hands.


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Apr 13, 2020
Ok back for my second CBC. Had a 3D shoot yesterday so couldn't start until today.

This year I'm shooting a Hoyt RX7 Ultra set at 82lbs
Axcel picatinny Landslyde slider
Ultra view 3XL
Hamskea Epsilon rest
29" draw
Gold Tip Airstrike's total weight 480gn
Using a QAD Exodus fixed blade 125 gn

My MER this year is 80 yards as I did 70 yards last year.

Below is my range and Bow.

My target is the 5" black circle in the center block on the big 365 Target.

This is my first arrow below. 72 degrees with about a 10 mph wind directly from behind. Little high today.


My view from 80


Day 2. Waited a little late as I was restringing a buddies bow. Sent it anyway even though it was dark and could barely see the target. High and left. Basically no wind 67 degrees.


Also forgot to show circle size yesterday.


Day 3.
Decided to send one real quick before work this morning as it was dead calm. 50 degrees. I'll take it.

Day 4. Low light again early. 55 degrees slight north wind left to right. My Broadhead cut the line on my 5" circle. I'm taking it. LoL


Day 5. 56 degrees 10 mph back wind. Considering my small 5" target and 80 yard MER with fixed BH's I'm happy with all but day 2.

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Jan 30, 2021
Finally had a chance to get out and shoot today. I’ll be shooting 80yds at an 8.5 inch vital area.
Bow: 30” draw, 72lbs Prime Black 5, QAD ultrarest, dead center front and back bar, HHA 3 pin slider.
Arrow: Nexxus .300 spine with 75 gr titanium outsert. I will be using field points because I haven’t had a chance to tune or really shoot my bow at all since I put new strings
Release: TruBall Go2 using the pinky trigger
AABE25FC-DA6A-4160-82D7-CCB4C3DE8778.jpeg 941E81BD-0D85-4A07-B560-CE0F22212ABD.jpeg DBB7F630-2D6D-4CAF-B5C7-E81A0B0B3D6C.jpeg

First shot: slightly quartering 9mph wind from left to right, 66 degrees and I have my first hit

Day 2: 68 degrees quartering 7mph wind from 2 o’clock. Shot broke extremely clean and this was the result. 2/2
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justin davis

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Feb 24, 2012
Same setup I shot last year. I shoot year round almost daily.

My setup:
Hoyt Ventum 33 @ 75 lbs
Hamskea Trinity rest
Easton 4mm arrows with 60 grain insert. Total arrow weight of 440 grains.
Steered by 3 Q2i Rapt x vanes.

For the cold bore challenge I’m shooting Iron Will 100S broadheads

My MER is 60 yards. That’s the max distance I will ever shoot at an animal in hunting. I’m shooting for middle of Red spray painted Cross hairs on blob target. Shot is In the front yard. Flat ground

. A01389E9-52DD-445D-90FF-794B90966B70.jpeg 3A5A9401-D117-4B22-B15D-7B921174E28B.jpeg

1st Day. 43 degrees calm. Shot broke and felt good. Drilled it


Day 2. 32 degrees Calm conditions. Shot hit few inches lower than I wanted

Day 3. 55 degrees. Breezy Shot felt good and hit where I was wanting it 38DB5113-014D-43AD-81CF-BDC4741D3E5D.jpeg

Day 4 40 degrees. Calm. Hit was a touch right and low from middle but kill shot none the less 50402B88-DAE8-4CBB-B29A-80CAEF405D18.jpeg

Day 5. Temp in the 60’s. Winds 15-20 with stronger gusts at times. Shot was pretty good. Slight Touch to the left.

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Dec 4, 2018
I’m in for another year!

PSE decree HDti at 66lbs

Gold tip kinetic pierce platinum 300 spine with an extra 30gr in weights up front

Sevr 2.0 (also Have the 1.5s, going to shoot the 2.0 for the CBC)

Black gold ascent verdict

QAD drop away

12in/8in bee stinger front/back bars

Shooting the “shooter buck”, target is the vitals insert (max diameter about 8”, smaller than a deers vitals)

MER is 55 yards. Didn’t shoot a ton leading up to the contest and to be honest dont think shooting an animal beyond this is reasonable for my skill level, although I practice out to 100.

Day 1: evening shot, winds steady 10mph and gusting 20. Perfect stalking cover but had to time my shot and hold for awhile.



Day 2: no idea what happened. Totally shanked it, so painful not being able to shoot again and figure out what the heck happened.

Day 3. Calm but sun in my eyes, didn’t really pick a spot. Clipped the line with the blade…I’ll call it a hit. Would be a dead deer anyways B40F12B6-A278-48CC-A57E-FF635EF54478.jpeg

Day 4: rushing this shot trying to get out of town to see the mother. Fairly windy 10mph and sun in the eyes. Made a good shot. Feeling more confident but the day 2 flub is still haunting me a bit.

Day 5: gusting wind up to 15mph. Really slowed down and almost punched the trigger a couple times but settled in and finished strong.

4/5 this year but a shorter MER than last year.
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Feb 27, 2012
Smithers, BC
I'm in for another year
Mathews Vertix 71lbs 29" 300 axis with 125 grain sevr 1.5
shooting my carter quickie after shooting a hinge all of last year

60 yds mer keeping it in the yellow of the target


Day 1: slight wind on my back right shoulder, shot felt good

Day 2: slight wind, was feeling cocky and just rushed the shot, never let the pin settle.

Day 3: wind calm, after yesterdays miss I really focused and held the pin and made sure I had a clean release

Day 4: slight breeze, let down once, then felt a pull left at the shot. Need to practice.

Day 5: Felt like a good hold but pulled left at the shot, bow arm pulled left again, not a clean release.

Thanks again, this always gets me hungry to train harder. I already have tweaked a few things and feeling much better. Can't wait for next year.
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Mar 28, 2021
Older and stronger this year so feeling good at 30 yds.

Bear Cruzer G2 46 lbs and 27" draw, Easton powerflight with magnus stinger buzzcut

mer of 30 yds kill zone in the yellow
IMG_2372 2.JPG

Day 1: slight wind, good start

Day 2 Thought I was holding in the middle

Day 3: in there but high and right again

Day 4: Even further high and right

Day 5: Range changed the target so I had to shoot a different one. Bucked the trend of high and left. I think my grip was throwing me off. Back to practice. Thanks Rokslide
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Dec 24, 2018
I’m in for this year! Shooting with my husband preparing for archery season.

PSE stinger X at 42lbs
Gold tip warrior arrows
Shooting field points until my husband restrings and we retune for broadheads.
Whisker biscuit rest and ready to shoot package components

MER is 30 yards which is as far as I can really shoot comfortably at a deer with my low pound setup. Hope to be confident much farther by deer season. Target is a “shooter buck” and the vital insert is the goal (8in max diameter).

Day 1: calm, sunny, feeling steady but did not focus on my follow through



Day 2: 10-20 mph winds, had a bit more nerves but managed to get it in there!


Day 3: I felt confident until I touched the shot off and my pin was way off. Did not expect to miss this bad! Feels better that my husband missed just as bad on one of his shots! 7E9E1F88-0997-4672-B922-1F2003197D30.jpeg

Day 4: windy, and sun in my eyes. Low confidence after the previous miss and punched the release. I probably would not make it through the shoulder blade at 30 yards on a mature mule deer with my setup 😞 EE246539-F0F2-48B6-AAB0-D698F674A989.jpeg

Day 5: calm conditions and I had taken a few days off after some bad misses. This one felt great and was right where I wanted it! Good way to end the challenge and now feeling very motivated to shoot more and get back to shooing well!
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Mar 1, 2014
Here we go again! Shooting a Mathews Traverse at 72lbs. 30”. Spot Hogg triple stack sight. Hamskea drop away rest. 10” Torx front stabilizer wit 6” back bar. Arrows are Gold Tip Hunter XT 250 spine. 125 SEVR heads. 20 grain fact weight. AAE hybrid 26 4 fletch. Totaling 510 grains. Stan Perfex thumb release. MER is 60 yards. Shooting at a 6” orange spot on my old broadhead target.
Day 1. Just caught the top of the dot. Clear and calm. 40 degrees
Day two. Clear, calm and 40 degrees. Went straight out and shot before getting ready for work. Vision was a little fuzzy but managed to hit the spot.
Day 3. 51 degrees with fog. Just enough wind to feel it. Pin was floating around pretty good but it broke in the middle!
Day 4. Calm and overcast, 65*. Took this shot immediately after doing a 4 mile hike with 35lbs in my pack. Shot felt great but ended up about an inch outside the dot. Should have used an 8” spot! 😂
Day 5. Calm with a little fog. 53*. Felt good but hit left, basically same spot as day 4. Maybe I need to adjust the sight a little? Need more shots to be sure. This is a great reality check for your hunting accuracy!
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Aug 25, 2015
Glad I made it in. Filling up fast this year. No changes to the bow this year. Prime Centergy Hybrid 67ish lbs. QAD HDX Rest, Axcel Accuhunter slider. BE Spartans with Promax 4 fletches. Backup release… because I cleaned my garage last week and can’t find my primary.

Shooting 52 yards, large black ring on the target is 9” and my vital zone.

Day 1: 32 degrees. Foggy. 10-15mph wind swirling head on to 90 degrees R. Got lucky, punched the trigger hard.


Day 2: 37 degrees and wet. Light wind from 90deg. Didn’t feel very comfortable in my hold, feel like I got lucky again.


Day 3: 38 degrees sunny. 5-7mph from 135deg. Felt good. Clearly not executing my wind holds well. Arrow flight looked rough. Tail end was swirling. Maybe I torqued it.


Day 4: 46 degrees. Sunny. Light breeze. Best feeling shot so far. Probably bad follow through.


Day 5: 55 degrees. Wind from behind and the left. Feel like I’m not making good wind holds.


Overall fun challenge this year. Went 4/5 but just barely. Some tuning is in order. Arrow flight has been iffy.
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