ATM 20-60x80mm Thoughts and value


Sep 17, 2019
A friend of mine wants the new 95mm BTX swaro in the worst way. He knows I’ve been drooling over and slowly saving for a couple years now just to get my first spotter. He has a 2010 ATM 80 non HD with a 20-60 eyepiece in great condition that he said if I was interested he’d let go for $1000. I have been struggling to find much on people’s thoughts of if the difference between the HD and non HD and if it’s that significant. Seems going rates are $1300-$1600 for that scope but I’m not certain. Is the difference between HD and non that big of deal? As far as I can tell $1000 seems like a great deal, but he told me he’d let it go for a little less if that seemed high. I’m pretty much chomping at the bit to just send it, but thought I’d see if you guys had any input.


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May 21, 2013
Old Bethpage, NY
The thing about optics is similar to woman.....How does it look to you? Not everyone sees the same. What's insanely sharp to you may not be to the next guy and what is ehhh to you may be great to the next guy.

That happens to be a great spotter. At only $1,000.00 it's a steal of a deal to the point that you can use it for a season and if you feel it is not doing what you expected you can always sell it and get that $1,000.00 back. No issue at all. It's a win win with no down side for you


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May 8, 2020
Worst case scenario is you look into the 25-50 eyepiece that may help provide some resolution. You'd still only be into it for under 1500-1600$. I'd jump on that opportunity if it were me.