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Canada Bear hunt

Myself and a couple pals are ready to sign for a guided Canada Bear hunt. We're from South Dakota so wondering if anyone can recommend a quality outfit within driving distance? I'm thinking MB or ONT? Not looking for just a average ol hunt. Looking for better quality bears etc. Anyone with ideas or leads? I've got a few but want as many as possible before booking one. thanks
Spring or Fall hunt? For spring Manitoba or saskatchewan are probably the best bets with the biggest bears, lots of outfitters in both provinces, do not know any personally but check references and reputations and there are lots of great outfits to choose from.
But spring hunts are your best bet for a good hunt with big boars.
I've been on a number of spring bear hunts in Manitoba. I can give you lots of info, but if you're interested it's probably better to have you PM me your phone number so I can call you vs. me trying to type a book here!


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