Freezer cleaning after evacuation


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Aug 26, 2013
New Orleans, La.
Anything in the freezer that is ruined will be eligible for a claim with you homeowners insurance.
Not always. State Farm did for Katrina 16 years ago, but we now have Progressive Home because State Farm stopped writing policies in our area after they got their butt kicked for Katrina. The Insurance Adjuster we spoke to today said loss in fridge or freezer will not be covered. He said if a tree falls on the power line in an isolated incident causing the loss of freezer and fridge contents they would pay for the contents, but in a wide-spread incident like Ida, it won't be covered. Your company may be different, check your Policy to be sure. Also, check your "Named storm deductible", that could be be as much as 5% which could be a serious chunk if you suffered a large loss.