HH Full Curl Hip Belt Upgrade Advice


Senior Member
Jun 10, 2014
New Iberia,LA
Would like some input and advice on my premise to up grade the hip Belt on my Full Curl pack. The foam seems too hard, and the pockets are very stiff and wide. If I was to change it, what belt would be the best option? I should mention I would like to use with a gun bearer on rifle hunts, and carry my judge while bow hunting or packing any meat. I have seen posts from adamm88 and Wileycoyote on the subject. I believe they both mounted a Kifaru Omni belt on their HH packs. I saw some pictures that featured better (flush fitting) pockets and a holster for a side arm. Seek Outside and HPG also sell hip belts that have a pretty good following. Any one have experience adapting one of these belts to another pack?

Open for comments on weather I would might be better off selling the pack and buying a higher end and lighter unit? Thank you in advance for your welcome advice.