How would you spend your Cabelas points?

Mar 27, 2021
SW Wisconsin
I had a lot of points there about 3 years ago and waited for one of the 10% on everything today only sales and got the ATX eyepiece. I bought the 65mm objective off someone on here and am SUPER happy with that setup. I am kind of in the same boat as you now also. I have about $600 in points there now, and do not know where to use it either. This will be it for me with the Cabela's Club Card. I would like to get the 115mm objective on another 10% off everything day, but of course Cabela's doesn't carry it.
FYI I looked yesterday and Cabelas had the 115mm objective online.


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Oct 4, 2017
I wouldn't cancel the card. Cabelas sucks now but every once in a while they have something on a pretty good sale and using the card for part of the purchase gets you free shipping. I hadn't used mine in prob 6-8 months until someone posted the Reveal X deal in a thread here a week or so back.

Just put the card away somewhere until you actually need something.


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Aug 13, 2016
The Woodlands, TX
What a great problem to have!

I have a similar problem, about 1700 in points but everything I want will cost me more than that so I’ll just keep building I guess.

Alpha glass binos are never a bad investment, especially when they are “free”.

Higher end scopes never hurt either. If you don’t plan on dialing for longer shots you could probably upgrade the scopes on both rifles for around 1500.

Spotters are so nice, especially Swaro spotters, but only if you need one. Keep in mind, They also require a tripod and a pan head to be of any use and that can set you back another $700 bucks.

Not sure how you are set for shelters, but those Alaknak tents look pretty nice.

An eBike might be a nice addition that you can use back east as well?

A bennelli super black eagle 3 shotgun sure comes in handy too!

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