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Sep 13, 2021
So I have a situation. I'm curious on feedback from folks on here. This is a medium parcel of land, call it 120 acres. Nobody lives on this main tract. Myself and my father do all the upkeep. My sister and her family recently fixed up a home on an adjoining small acre parcel. I live 2 hours away but am back often for chores and hunting. My Niece and Nephew have started exploring and are enjoying parading around the creek and timber of the main section of land. Specifically my favorite rut funnel area.

My BIL offered to have them stop or play elsewhere when I brought it up. Upon reflecting on it I said go ahead and have them keep at it if they want but come November I'll be in there and dont want to deal with the disturbance. I spent my childhood running wild in the woods and feel like itd be a shame to stiffle that for them.

Realistically they run right through the bedding area to get there, but it's a small enough farm I don't see it as a core area for most the bucks. I also have 2
other farms I hunt so it isn't end of the world. How do you guys handle disturbances in your timber or "multi use"?

I am being a baby and am aware of it.
I’m not clear, are we talking while you’re hunting or in general when your not hunting?

if it’s just in general and not while your out hunting, it actually could be to your advantage... the deer will feel more comfortable with noises and sounds associated with humans and not run off at the first hint.... if it’s a good bedding area they will continue to go there....

I live on acreage and observe the deer all season, they are comfortable, most the time if not all the time when I encounter them they just stare for a second or longer, and either go back to eating the clover or apples ( from the trees), or slowly walk away... at any rate if hunting I would have a shot.....
when I am hunting where I live, as there are noises around, they are aware but not skittish.... when I’m north at my other property where there isn’t many people for miles, I’ve been in my stand, and seen deer run off because a bird landed on a twig.... or a leaf was flapping around in the wind...

I’ve always had better luck in more populated areas.
I’d say let them play, teach them to look for tracks, scrapes, rubs, and identify bedding areas, turn them into your minions to let you know when and where they see deer...

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Jul 30, 2015
Lenexa, KS
Consider the two following (hopefully far into the future) options.

Option A: here lies @TSAMP, God rest his soul. He killed a pile of big bucks in his life but was kind of grumpy and secretive about it.

Option B: here lied @TSAMP, God rest his soul. Even though he loved his deer hunting, he let us run wild like pack of coyotes all over his favorite hunting spot during the rut. He was kind and generous and understanding.


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Jul 16, 2019
Unlike many Americans I have to work during the week.
Appreciate the feedback folks. I think in the moment I was annoyed but as I said I've already given them the Greenlight. Now ill keep you all posted and fully blame them if I can't tag a booner this year.

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