What to do in Alaska in April


Well Known Rokslider
Aug 23, 2014
oregon coast
Hi all AK residents and anyone else with suggestions,
There’s a good chance my gf and I will be moving to AK in May. Will likely be in the ANC area for a long weekend in April to sign a lease. We’ve been up multiple times and done some fun stuff (salmon fishing, snowshoeing, hiking, camping). I’m looking for suggestions on shorter activities (1 day max) that we can do while there in April. I know it’s fringe season so I’m coming up blank. I’m also looking for a good time to pop the question… Any suggestions?
i don't know if there are steelhead around where you'll be, but in the areas they are around, April is the month to chase them, and every river system that has them have monster potential.

i haven't spent any time that far north, but worked in SE for a couple years.... probably be pretty chilly still