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    Which Lightweight 280 AI?

    I've got a Kimber Ascent in 280 AI. I like the rifle a lot, but it won't solve your issue of not wanting to do the work to get it to its best accuracy. There are Kimber issues that need to be taken care of before it shoots as you want it to, but once it does it's a fantastic, light rifle. Mine...
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    Problems with Cerakoting

    Resurrecting an old thread, but have an update for those considering hydrodipping and cerakoting a rifle. I finally gave up having done all I could figure to do to get this thing to shoot right. Took it to a gunsmith here in Anchorage, and it took him not long to figure out that there is likely...
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    Elk load for future hunt.

    In the 270 WBY, with a 1-10" twist, look at the 124 gr Hammer Hunters. Limited data for the 270 WBY, but good support from the folks at Hammer Bullets.
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    Which Maven?

    I own the B2 9x45 and they are perfect for how I use them. I struggled with low light with my 20+ year old Zeiss 10x40. The slightly lower magnification and larger objective bring in a ton of light. I can see much more in the darker woods in AK and my eyes are much less fatigued. They are...
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    How long you guys waiting on powder and primers ?

    Can't get anything shipped up here to Alaska. Have to rely on what is in stock. Why primers are going for $20/100, and Varget at $62/pound. Lucky if you can find it.
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    Hammer Loading

    I'm running 124HH from my Kimber Montana 6.5 Creedmoor at 2950 fps on 40.5 gr Varget from Lapua small primer brass and small magnums. 1/8 turn on the Lee crimp die. Three shot groups at 0.4" at 100 off bags, 5 shot groups at 0.68. Seems like it'll work.
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    Dumb cartridge question

    Hammer development is as easy as they say it is. I've got good loads worked up my for 6.5 Bleedmoor and my 280AI. If you've got experience, you can probably work up a load for the 300 WSM easily. There is a spreadsheet on longrange hunting forum that has data for Hammer Hunter bullets, including...
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    Cursed Rifles?

    I've got a Kimber Mountain Ascent 280 AI that has been a reliable tack driver and bell ringer. Easiest load I ever developed was in that rifle. Then I got it dipped and cerakoted, and I don't think I could hit the side of a barn from the inside. So I'm afraid I brought the curse on myself. BTW...
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    Just bought Kimber Mountain Ascent 6.5 - what ammo worked best in your mountain ascent?

    The best I've found is the Hammer Hunters. Loading 124 gr over Varget to 2950 fps, with 0.4" at 100.
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    Electronic In Ear Hearing Protection Recommendations

    Oh man, I see this is going to cost me some money. Thanks for all the info, people. I'm 51, and have been wearing hearing aids for 5 years after a lot of shooting rifles and shotguns in my youth. The only good advice I have for the younger generation is to do your stretching and core exercises...
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    My Kimber story

    My Montana 6.5CM loves the 127 gr TTSX with RL17.
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    Pelican V800 Vault Rifle Case Durability?

    I've got that case and I find it far superior to the SKB case I had before.
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    Help me pick a 22 cal bullet

    Have you tried Hammer bullets yet? Their 52 gr. 0.224 cal is set for a 1-10 twist.
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    Kowa vs Maven in a 8x30 ish

    I have a KOWA spotter that I really like, and a pair of the Maven B.2 9x45 that I got to gather more light. Since you say these are for dark timber and treestand hunting, I would really consider a larger objective to gather more light. I know the cost difference is substantial, but the 9x45 are...

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