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    New Year "New Season" Giveaway

    Count me in.
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    Utah members-a little help if possible

    Look at the High Country Inn on 12th Street. Haven't stayed there but used to like to hit Jeremiah's (the attached restaurant) for breakfast. 12th Street will be a strait shot to get to Ogden Canyon. North Ogden Divide closes occasionally for avalanches. This year it closed a few times. Are...
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    Hello from FNG in northern Utah

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    Wyoming Color Phase

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    Ruger Blackhawk vs Redhawk in .44

    I'm thinking a 4.2" .45 Colt (like Jesse's) could be a mighty fine woods self defense gun. Handy and easily carried, a little heavy though. You would be able to load stout Ruger Only .45 Colt loads when needed and have have fun shooting normal pressure .45 Colt ammo. Just thinking about it makes...
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    new wyoming boy here

    Welcome, sounds like you will be a great addition to the forum.
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    Ruger Blackhawk vs Redhawk in .44

    Choosing DA or SA is a tough personal decision. Lots of opinions rivalling thoughts on calibers, gundogs, religion and politics. I personally use a 4 or 5 inch DA in either .41 Mag or 454 Casull. Even though I have both DA and SA revolvers in those calibers on either side of the .44 Mag. DA...
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    New guy from Colorado front range

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    I am bumming

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I hope and pray you can regain your health and hit that lucky streak you are seeking.
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    Now THIS is subsistence!

    That's one tough lady!
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    New guy from Central FL

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    Another WA NG

    Welcome. Check into hunt regulations for disabled hunters if you haven't already. You might find some more hunt opportunities.
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    Gunfighters Kenai

    Forgot to say, the Guides Choice has a leather shoulder strap and I have not had it dig in with it below a bino harness and pack shoulder straps. I would imagine the leather is thicker and has a more rigid edge; so I would doubt the Kenai would be painful or dig in.
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    Gunfighters Kenai

    I have a Guides Choice and wear it low below binos. I imagine you could do the same with the Kenai. I had to adjust the fit and play around to get it to work and have a clear draw though.