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    Glassing in Flat Areas

    Are there any oil wells in the area? I have climbed the stairs on the tanks before and used that as a glassing point in flat country. Otherwise the trees will work if the wind is not blowing too hard.
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    WTS BNIB Cabelas Wuro Hd 15x56

    Bump for some great binoculars. I have these and love them.
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    Ground Blind Tips

    I prefer hunting off the ground. I find it is really easy to find a natural feature like a fallen tree, tall grass, or even a cedar tree and use that as the blind. Just add a little brush to cover the sides and stay still. As long as you have the wind they will never know you are there. If the...
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    Whitetail in Alabama

    I relocated here a couple years ago. I am not sure what part of AL you are moving to, but there is plenty of public land in north AL with decent deer hunting. Within and hour and a half of Huntsville there are at least 250,000 acres of public land to hunt. If you are going to Birmingham there...
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    Central Source for Western Tag/Preference Point Cost?

    Thanks! I went on their website and I think the link below should cover the 2019 application costs.
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    Central Source for Western Tag/Preference Point Cost?

    Does anyone know if there is a free resource that breaks down the cost of applying for deer/elk tags/preference points in all the western states? I found a great breakdown for 2013 elk draws at the link below, but I have not seen anything like this for the 2019 draws. I know I can go and find...
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    What are you using for boot care?

    I have a set of Lowa Tibets and I am using Obenauf's on them. I am going to need to resupply soon and wanted to know if anyone had suggestions for products that may be better. While I am asking, what is your preferred method for cleaning them before treating? I am currently using a soft brush...
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    Kentucky Rut Dates

    I am thinking about going up to Kentucky in 2019 for a deer hunt. Can anyone tell me what the typical rut dates are in the state for each region? What kind of pressure should I expect during the archery/muzzleloader/gun seasons on public land? I am not going to post what areas I am looking at...
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    Carry some first aid

    Yes in the calf, on the inside about 4 inches below the knee. Surprisingly there wasn't much pain, just lots of blood running out. It was/is a little tender to the touch, but I hardly noticed it after the first couple hundred yards on the hike out. I did stop every hundred yards or so to make...
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    Alabama's rut is so weird

    I moved to AL two years ago, and from what I have seen this map is accurate for the areas I have hunted in North AL. I shot a nice buck up at Skyline this past weekend. He was running does hard. Last year I hunted on Wheeler and the rut activity picked up around the end of Jan for the area I was...
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    Carry some first aid

    Similar experience this past weekend for me. First real accident for me and it will certainly change what I keep in my pack for quick trips. I got a nice deer down on Saturday morning, and instead of dragging it to a good flat spot to work on it thought I would just do it right there on a steep...
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    Model Seven stock options?

    My first gun was a youth model Remington Model Seven in 7mm-08. It has an 18.5 inch barrel and short (youth) wood stock on it from the factory. I have cut and fitted a small block of wood to increase the LOP and added a slide over recoil pad. The current weight without the scope is 6 pounds 15...
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    Need a new hunting partner in Northern AL/southern TN

    As many on here have commented on in the past, it is hard to find a good hunting partner. This is a long shot, but maybe I can have a little luck here and find a good partner for future hunts. I have been in Alabama for 2 years now. I have been adapting to the hunting culture here and talking...
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    Advice for keeping batteries charged in cold weather

    I am new to digiscoping, and currently use an iphone and phonescope adapter. I was out glassing for whitetails last week and found that I couldn't have my phone out for more than 10 minutes before the cold crashed the battery. Does anyone have any tips for keeping the phone charged in the cold...
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    Swaro SLC Tripod Adapter - $57

    Selling a Swaro SLC tripod adapter. It is in great shape and has never been in the field. The only blemish is where the stud has contacted the adapter base when screwed in for storage. I tried to show this in the images. Asking $57 shipped.