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    What's in your Turkey Pack?

    A couple calls, tag, couple extra shells, gun, usually decoy/s, that's about it
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    Dog Training

    I've been able to pick up a lot of good stuff from standing stone kennels on youtube
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    Tracking dogs

    Check out rocky mountain big game recovery on Facebook. Some good info on there sometimes.
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    Stevens .410 Turkey.. DEATH

    Dang that's a tight pattern!
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    Brenneke slugs and bears?

    I was out with some hound guys a couple years ago and they swear by the brennekes.
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    Turkey shells 12 gauge bang for you buck

    High brass #5 or #6. IMO that's all you need inside 35 yards
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    Versatile hunting dog?

    I've got a year old draht that naturally loved bringing me stuff. With very little retrieving training she was bringing me deer and antelope bones, half rotten legs, and and birds and rabbits that I shot. She is a very good natural retriever.
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    WTS .257 Bullets

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    WTS .257 Bullets

    -2 unopened boxes (50 per box) of 100 grain nosler ballistic tips $20 per box -1 box (100 bullets) of 75 grain V-MAX, box is opened but there arent any missing, $20 -49 100 gr. Hornady Interlock, $15 -$60 for all You pay shipping
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    Anyone else get a new pup this year?

    Picked up my DD early this year. She will be 1 in december
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    Gratuitous Griff pup post

    Beautiful pup! I've got a 10 month old pup and she's been a blast! Good luck this season.
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    WTS Mystery Ranch Memorial Day Bundle

    Any interest in selling these items separately?
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    Dog names

    Ruby (Deutsch Drahthaar), and Luna (non-hunting Boxer)
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    Flusher Pointer Combo?

    Standing stone kennels has some YouTube videos on this topic and they usually have solid advice. You could always hunt one at a time especially when it's hot in the early season so they have a chance to cool down.
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    How’s your fuel prices

    $2.75 in Gillette Wy