Cva Paramount Pro vs Knight Ultralite


May 5, 2021
Hey guys lurker here and long time muzzleloading hunter my name is Derek and I'm located in WNY and hunt whitetail deer primarily but need a .50 for elk hunting in Colorado as well. Typical ranges for potential shots are anywhere from 50 yards- 800 yards with the fields and woods etc. I'm coming from an Accura V2 LR that I ran for the past 5 years and liked the gun but the weight and handling charchteristics were horrendous for anything other than sitting. I've got a pile of aerolite .50 bullets and the same of 777 magnum powder pellets ready to rock. I also preemptively picked up sabotloaders front hooded sight setup from Williams.
My dilema:

The CVA Paramount Pro Colorado looks enticing---

-Great package has sights already installed ready to rock and can put my existing Leupold Ultimate Slam 3-9x40 firedot scope on it.
-Way longer range gun than the knight
-Comes coated from the factory (lots of snow and rain here I live in ski country)

The BAD:
-Weight it's heavy at 8+ lbs with no scope
-Need to dig up new primers, bullets, powder.
-Questionable ignition system
-Cost -$1500 ish

The Knight Ultralite-

-Super light gun with a great overall combo of trigger, stock, barrel etc,
-Perfect backpack and hiking/walking gun
-I have a front sight and tons of ammo and powder already
-Cheap breech plug swap available from bestill

The BAD:
-Seems like an act of god to get an ultralite colorado version right now even after talking with Justin a couple of times
-No more Nitride finish availability which is a terrible call on Knights part

I'd love to get a knight ultralite but can't seem to find any nitrided .50 colorado versions or otherwise available anywhere.
If I do get the knight there's the additional cost of the nitride ($250-400) and with COVID who knows on a timeframe. Can one send the tore down gun to whomever it is that did Knights coating to have it done? Are there other options available?
If it's going to be like pulling teeth to get a Knight I may just throw in the towel and throw my cash back at CVA.

Thanks for any input or help all!


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Jan 20, 2013
Eastern Utah
I have a paramount pro (45. cal)and the ultralite (Colorado) with bestill breech plug.

I've shot pounds of blackhorn 209 out of the paramount without a single ignition issue lots of people poo pooing the VeriFlame without using it.

My paramount is more accurate and more fun to shoot but for an open sight rifle the ultralite will shoot as far as my eyes can the target.

I love shooting the paramount pro but hate carrying it-- first world problems i know.

I often think about selling the ultralite but always end up putting it back in the safe just in case.

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May 5, 2021
Hey thanks for the reply!
So your money would be on the paramount pro from what I'm interpreting?
I was happy with the old CVA it was a tack driver just heavy and carried horribly!


May 12, 2021
CVA has also released a new lineup called MRX and LRX. Both based on the MR action but upgraded the stocks, threaded for a brake and also offered in 45cal 1-22. The MRX barrel is longer than the older MR. The LRX is the long range offering. Not as light as the MR or Ulite but weighs less than a Paramount Pro. There will also be a optional Variflame plug also if that is something you prefer.

A Colorado version is also available