Liner material on tipi side of a nest?


Well Known Rokslider
Feb 18, 2017
New Mexico
Many of you prob don't deal with this but this last weekend my wife and I backpacked with 3 kids and a dog. Night time condensation in the tipi (SO 8 man) was high in the morning. As a side note, even with 3 kids and a dog, none of our gear got wet as a result. Anyway, we are in NM and I figure condensation will be no greater than this past weekend while here or in Colorado where we spend most of our time. BUT it got me thinking... I could put a liner between the tipi and the nest. I guess I didn't mention that my wife and kids sleep in a nest. But anyone that has run this setup can imagine that an 8 man, liner and nest is starting to border on insanity. So quite simply my question is couldn't the tipi side of the nest nettting be replaced with liner material and in true backpacking logic it would then serve 2 purposes. Has anyone done this? If SO is reading this, any thoughts? Seems like a no brainer in my mind at this point.