Mental Process for deciding between companies for a first backcountry hunting backpack



Dec 25, 2019
I reran the numbers this time against the SO Peregrine to see what I'd get after some more research. I added a category to rate frame is really nice that the Curve and the SO frame contour to the natural spine curvatures. All great packs.
PackSG SOLOEXO K3 3200SO Peregrine 3500
Weight9 (4#9oz)9 (5#1oz)10(3#14oz-4#2oz)
Load Shelf Design10810
Load Shelf Access8108
Comfort Light10109
Comfort Heavy1099
Pocket Configuration61010
Aesthetics(color choices)61010
Frame Ergos(Contoured vs Straight)Xcurve
Make Location10(Montana)10(Idaho)10(Colorado)
Total Score95101104

SG Solo: Price $691.00 with hydration sleeve, hydro holster and accessory pocket

Pros: One of the best built in load shelf, best lumbar pad and waist belt/suspension for heavy loads per almost every review I've seen, I like that the top of the bag has straps that reattach back to frame when carrying a load of meat vs other packs. Has X pac not he back side of the packs to keep blood from seeping into the bag contents. Has the reputation as being the #1 heavy load hauler

Cons: Color choices not very appealing, No hydration storage included. No side pouches, Only bags with decent pocket configuration are the big 5900+ or have to buy a bunch of accessory pockets. Have to run a rain cover.

***Probably need to look at the SG Sky 5900 and run lidless for shorter hunts/day hunts to get the pocket configuration I want

Exo K3 3200: Price $641.98 for pack and accessory pocket

Pros: Rated High for Comfort with typical loads and pocket configuration/features, Nice aesthetics, color choices, Roll top, Stretchy pocket for easy access items, nothing blocking lid pockets or stretch pockets. Has two straps built into the load shelf, has fairly easy access into load shelf with the Velcro tri fold. Has nice side pocket design, integrated dry bag/hydration included, but can also get an integrated dry bag for the main volume of the bag. Ability to extend frame included is nice feature. Has a more mild contoured frame in appearance to the SG and SO. Ability to really compress these packs down for day hunts is nice. Probably my favorite side pocket and compression configuration of any pack I've come across.

Cons: May have to purchase a separate load sling to get meat situated up higher compared to SG load shelf is included, Reviews say issues with zipper pulls coming off. Roll top not as clean looking without lid as SG. Have to purchase additional accessory straps if you are running it lidless and want to attach the top of the bag back to frame during a pack out. Some complaints of waist belt slipping in the K2 but initial reports on the K3 are that they fixed this with the new waist belt and lumbar pad.

***Probably will just get the 4800 for 5 more oz to get more space at minimal cost. Can also pack down small and run it lidless for day hunts

SO Peregrine: Price $579 with lumbar pad, 2” frame extensions and and waist belt pocket

Pros: Contoured frame, Ultralight, load shelf is nice like the SG but can be positioned up and down the frame as well as add cross compression to the meat load which is a very nice design. X-pac fabric ready to seam seal to make waterproof without a raincover also probably won’t have blood soak into main compartment. Roll top is nice to adjust capacity. Great pocket configuration as I really appreciate a mesh stash pocket design for throwing wet rain gear, wet tarp or a puffy in. I also like the double front pockets for quick access. Side pockets appear good size for large nalgenes and to really secure items in the side compression such as rifle, tripod or spotters. I'm not sure about face carry of a bow due to the face pockets. Nice accessories such as talon and lids available. Ability to extend frame is nice. Ability to run suspension lower or higher on frame is also nice feature.

Cons: X-pac fabric possibly loud for final stalks? Still not 100% sure on access to load shelf appears similar to SG but have to have the strap system in hand. I like that the top of the bag can stay secure to frame while hauling meat, which is better than than the Exo configuration. Also suspension doesn’t appear as cushy as the Exo or SG but have to have in hand.

Seek Outside Peregrine Wins this round...
All real close and top contenders!
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Dec 5, 2020
Agree! Thank you for your time spent in this!

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May 6, 2014
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Analysis paralysis is the truth
Easy to do^

Bottom line is that fit is key.....try them with weight in them is the only way to know for sure...thats when the rubber hits the road.

The only thing I would add is why so small? The extra weight for a 4800 is what...a few ounces? And that extra folds up nicely on all of the top packs.