My First Coues (AZ, early December)


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Jan 5, 2018
On my 7th and final day I was able to connect at 425 yds. This was my first ever Coues and first time hunting AZ. I have to say, drawing the 2nd rifle season probably wasn't the best of calls. It made for an even more challenging hunt. Picking a spot on a map 1500 miles away always has some surprises too. It was a lot to sort out all at once but I think it made me a better hunter. He's not a giant but this is probably the most proud I have ever been exiting a hunt. I saw deer everyday but didn't see antlers until the 7th and last. It was a grind.

Being from the Midwest Coues don't get talked about much. I decided a few years ago Id like to pursue all 5 of the North American deer species. This Coues is my 3rd of the 5. Sitka Blacktail and Columbian Blacktail are left. Im really looking forward to where these remaining two will take me.



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Mar 9, 2021
Eastern Kansas
Hard hunt... land locked whitetails in mule deer country.

My buddy hunted the NM side about 15 years ago and I came along with a letter from the state on NM Game Commissioner "authorizing" me to kill ANY feral pigs I could. I have never hunted harder country. I went about five mile out and back and came to camp with bleeding arms from punching through all the cacti I HAD to go through to get anywhere. My gun had scratches all over it from using it as my bush wacker. I worked in that country for years, but never HUNTED it... schooled me good.

What was funny was a bear took a good shit about 50 yards from camp- TWICE a day, just to let us know we weren't welcome. We'd walk up to it every morning (right in the rutted road) with steam still coming off the pile- never saw or heard the bear. This was in the Coronado Forest-- which shares the southern NM border with Arizona. I never saw a pig (or sign), but it was one of those hunts I came back from with sweat marks on my leather hat (very useful hat in that country BTW!).

My buddy connected with a similar deer as yours-- nice rack! They don't get big horns out there at all compared to other places. The mule deer though can get BIG that way-- but another HARD hunt all the same.



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Jun 25, 2015
I still cant convince myself to apply mule deer in arizona because my addiction with the grey ghost especially when youve seen some bruisers buck roaming around