UGQ Bandit 10 degree review @ 22F.


Feb 6, 2020
I'm 5'11 220lbs. I ran the UGQ Bandit (non xl) last night. It got down to 22 degrees. I had a full sewn insulated footbox, no taper, amd 1oz overstuff with draft collar. Neolight xtherm with polycryo sheet under it all amd a nemo fillow pillow. I was astonished how toasty warm I was!

I was out hunting all day. Got down from the stand and drove up to my buddy's house. I wish I had put the gear in the bed of the truck. Condensation formed VERY quickly on the outside of the bag after i took it out of my sea to summit small event compression sack. I gave it an hour to regain loft on top of the pad. The exterior of the bag was damp but the interior was dry and warm.

The condensation frosted over after an hour or so. Boiled hot water in my nalgene and put it at the foot of my bag. I was wearing base layer and waffle layer. Was too hot. Stripped to base layer. I havent camped out that cold since the Army on a mounted gunnery range at Bragg. 3 layer sleep system with no pad, awful.

I'm a fan of quilts now. I dont think im going to strap it around the pad again, was a little too choking on my neck when i cinched it tight. (Sorry for any typos on phone)


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Feb 1, 2014
I've never ran the straps on my quilt. Sounds like you have a good setup. That Xtherm is money when it's cold. Noise be damned, it's warm. I have a Nemo Fillo, that thing is nice as well.

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