2021 Idaho Spring Black Bear Preseason Scouting

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My 2021 preseason scouting for bears came to an end about 3 hours ago. Approximately 8 days of scouting for bears, and I have learned.....absolutely nothing (that I didn't already know - they're at lower elevations, and I don't have permission to hunt the private property they're frequenting). Having made a special effort to locate grizzlies as well, I failed in my efforts to sight a grizzly bear, despite being assured there were "a lot of" grizzlies in the areas I was searching (there apparently aren't, and never trust anyone who tells you there are "a lot of" anything). I went surprisingly high in elevation today, knowing full well black bears wouldn't be there, but fortunately wolves were. So, that's how I spent my final day of preseason scouting for black bears, and probably where I'll be spending opening day of the 2021 Idaho Spring Black Bear Season as well.......hunting for wolves.....🐺👍👍👍👍👍.....🐻👎👎👎👎👎
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