Let see your best camp photos!


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Apr 3, 2013
You all have some awesome camp pics! Fun to look at different set ups. I don't have many good ones, but here's a few from over the years. Camp018.jpg
My first wall tent experience in the mid 90's. Quite the conglomeration with 4 canvas tents, two wood stoves, and tarps.
Camp 95.jpg
Same camp from 1995 (old canvas Navy tent in foreground)Camp007.jpg
Upgraded to this base camp set up a couple years later. Big tent 21 x 14.5, small tent 12 x 14.5. IMG_0135.JPG
Same base camp years later.Snake13NikonL26_451.JPG
Same camp with additional Cabelas Alaknak and pop-up awning (yes, base camp is comfortable!)DSCN0908.JPG
Seek Outside 6 man, spike campSnake 2014 (222).JPGSpike camp for 5 guys. SO 6 with additional tarp for dry gear storage. 20171101_144216.jpg
SO 6 man