Mix and match bag and frame


Apr 14, 2021
Looking for ideas and advice. I have a MR Sawtooth 45 on a Guidelight MT frame. I love the layout and size of the bag, but the frame just isn't working for me. I've tried it with and without the OV MEAN Pad, and it still slips with anything more than 30 pounds in it. It is fitted properly based on MR recommendations and measurements. I'm pretty much ready to throw in the towel on this frame and go with something with a different, more contoured belt and frame system. (I'm 6' 200# athletic build with a moderate-heavy curve in my lumbar region)

Guess I have a two-part question in this case...Is it possible to fit the Sawtooth bag to a frame from another manufacturer? I would love to keep the bag if possible
...And does anyone have good recommendations on what frames work best for individuals with non-stick-figured bodies?

Right now, I'm looking at frames from Seek Outside, Stone Glacier, and Kuiu.

Thanks in advance!

Mighty Mouse

Senior Member
Jun 21, 2019
I played around with a MR Marshall bag and Kifaru Duplex Hunter frame last year. With a few sets of no-sew split-bar buckles (aka, "field repair buckles"), I was able to make it work. This was an older MR bag designed for the first generation (non-MT) Guide Light frame. Newer MR bags designed for the Guide Light MT frame use a proprietary buckle design, so finding compatible hardware for your frankenpack effort may be more difficult.

I took my Kifaru-MR combo on a few short test hikes and it handled a 50# sandbag well. Shortly thereafter I found a great deal on a used Kifaru Timberline bag and sold the MR Marshall bag. I think the frankenpack would've worked fine, but I never actually took it on a hunt and fully tested it out.