Wyoming nonresident elk draw thread!


Well Known Rokslider
Mar 18, 2014
Good attitude. There are some killer areas in Washington too if you draw the tag. A friend drew the any season/any unit license there this year. I’ll be curious to see how things go. Hipe hopes is a must for any elk hunter. It’s what keeps us going. But you’ll need God and luck on your side to see a 330. This guy hunted Wyoming for the first time last year. He went out and scouted during the summer. Did a long hunt in archery season and came close. He killed this bull, his first, on the opening morning of rifle season on a 3 day Hail Mary hunt. General license. Don’t actually know the score but it’s a dandy isn’t it? Good luck to you too. 🙏 View attachment 413048 View attachment 413049
That's a terrific story, and what an amazing bull for his first one! Any bull with a bow is a trophy for sure, but I'm hoping to finally kill the big one that's always escaped. I have called in 3 over 340" for friends, but have never quite done it myself. This could be the year! 🤞