WTS: Crispi Guide Boots and Cabelas Alaskan Hunter Boots


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Jun 17, 2016
Take advantage of my feet. I'm one of those that have a hard time getting a great boot fit. I'm selling a size 9 and 9.5. I have 1st MTP pain after long hikes. I spoke with Crispi and we decided the toe box may be slightly too snug for my foot. I ordered a size 9.5 which still fits great but I still have the same discomfort. I tried Crispi because Kenetreks bother my heels but they don't give me 1st MTP pain. These boots are the opposite for me, no heel pain (NONE) but I have 1st MTP pain. I'm going to sell these and continue my quest to find a boot that works for me. I called Crispi again and we concluded the flex point in their boot doesn't align well with the ball of my foot. Yes, I tried different insoles and sock combinations.

Crispi Guide Size 9: I purchased these in March 2020. Wore them around the house, few hikes in the summer, and hunted in them for 7-8 days this fall. Paid $500 with tax. I'll let them go for $375 (Paypal F&F or you pay fees). They are in great shape: sole, rand, leather. I did apply Crispi boot wax.

Crispi Guide size 9.5: I purchased these in October 2020. Nearly brand new. Used them on 2 hunts. They too are in great shape: sole, rand, leather. Paid $500 with tax. I'll let these go for $425 (Paypal F&F or you pay fees). Never applied Crispi boot wax.

I'm also selling a pair of Cabelas Alaskan Guide or Alaskan Hunter Boot in a size 8.5. These have only been worn on hikes around the house and neighborhood (sidewalk). Never hunted with these boots. They just didn't work for me. I don't even know what I paid for these. I would let them go for $175 (Paypal F&F or you pay fees).

If interested shoot me a PM and I can send pics.