Outsmarting Coyotes with Steve Smith

Steve Poses with a lot of Coyote Fur
Steve Smith, the Author of "One More Stand"

Travis Hobbs hosts today’s episode.  His guest is Steve Smith and outsmarting coyotes is all Steve is thinking about. He is a very accomplished, well rounded hunter, and a fun guy to have on the Rokcast. You’ll pick up right away that he has such a practical approach to coyote hunting and really knows what matters and what doesn’t. He is also an author, and recently released the book, “One More Stand”, which is a really enjoyable, no bullshit type read that keeps you engaged from cover to cover. He truly loves coyote and predator hunting, there is nothing like the opportunity to get in the head of someone who has perfected their craft. He is a lot of fun to hunt with, and will make anyone made rethink his approach to calling coyotes. Steve will make you a better hunter.  When it comes to outsmarting coyotes, everyone can learn something from this guy.

Steves Book, One More Stand
A Fantastic Read on Hunting Coyotes

Purchase “One More Stand” Here

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