In this gear review, Zach Herold puts the Stone Glacier Terminus through the paces of an entire season. He discusses the ins and outs of the backpack and covers it in great detail.

Stone Glacier Terminus

From Stone Glacier

The goal was to create the lightest, strongest 7000 cubic inch alpine hunting backpack for the sheep and goat hunter. The result is the new Terminus, weighing in at less than four pounds. By sewing the bag directly to the frame and incorporating an internal load cell, we built this alpine workhorse to get your gear into the high country. Using proven SG frame geometry and load capability, we built this pack with plenty of room to get that gear—and meat—back out.

To minimize excess leverage and maximize load placement, the 2200 cubic inch internal load cell positions the meat next to the frame and closest to your center of gravity. This design leaves 4800 cubic inches of usable space to load your gear for the pack out. Two drain holes in the bottom of the main bag prevent blood from pooling inside the load cell.

A new SG ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) blend fabric is used for the main bag. This new fabric technology offers higher abrasion resistance and tear strength at a lower weight, which makes it perfect for alpine hunts where ounces count. X-Pac® is used for the frame and suspension. Both X-Pac® and SG UHMWPE are waterproof fabrics that will not absorb moisture, though pack seams are not sealed.

We designed the internal load cell to carry the boned-out meat of medium-sized game. For those who prefer to carry out meat bone-in or wish to change to different bags on a frame, the SG Evo and Xcurve might be better options. Order here.

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