Mule Deer Muzzleloader Film Trailer

Hey Roksliders,I just spent a big chunk of September hunting a particular mule deer buck I'd found earlier this summer.  It was a muzzleloader hunt in early-season conditions and...

Cooper 22ML Muzzleloader Review

 When I first started hunting at the age of nine, it was with a youth-sized sidelock muzzleloader.  I had a lot of fun hunting with it, but it wasn’t...

Extended Range Muzzeloading

Extended Range Muzzeloading By Jim Carr, Rokslide Member This is Part II of Jim Carr's series on improving your muzzleloader's accuracy and range.  Part I is here...
Petker bull

The Ultimate Backcountry Muzzleloader

The Ultimate Backcountry MuzzleloaderBy James PetkerOne of the most overlooked hunting opportunities in North America is the muzzleloader seasons. As an opportunistic hunter, I have keyed in to this...
buck in cliffs

Muzzleloader Buck Nevada DIY Style

Muzzleloader Buck Nevada DIY Style By Travis Bertrand, Rokslide Moderator The anticipation of May 25th finally came to an end at 4:06 PM when the Nevada big game...
Idaho buck

Maximizing Muzzleloader Accuracy with Peep Sights

  Maximizing your Muzzleloader with Peep Sights By Jim Carr, Rokslide Member I have always had an obsession for hunting and have hunted for years both archery and rifle....
Mikes 13 Buck 002

Muzzleloaders: Versatility Allows Flexibility

Muzzleloaders: Versatility Allows Flexibility By Mike Peterson, Rokslide Prostaff How many of you have considered versatility as a part of your hunting rifle? I certainly know I never considered it when I...
introducingml 2

COOPER MODEL 22ML Muzzleloader

COOPER MODEL 22ML MuzzleloaderInception & Design by Glenn D. May I have been a muzzleloading/black powder enthusiast for years. I enjoy and use both modern and traditional versions of...
Jared lead pic

Late Season Muzzleloader Tactics

Late Season Muzzleloader Tactics By Jared Bloomgren, Rokslide Prostaff Late season muzzleloader hunts after the rut can be a difficult time to locate muley bucks you found earlier...