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Pressure Canning Your Backcountry Bounty

The Pressure is On: Preserving your Backcountry Bountyby Becca Moffat, Rokslide ProstaffFor those of us fortunate enough to bring home an abundance of game meat and fish, full freezers...

Girlfriend’s Guide to Big Game Hunting

Girlfriend's Guide to Big Game Hunting Amy Hanneman Ok ladies, I know many of you are curious about this whole hunting thing and want to know what’s so great...
Glassing steep bear country

Telling Your Story: Part I – Camera Selection

Telling Your Story, Part I: Camera Selection By Aron Snyder It was everything I could do to stay upright on the scree slope. We had spotted a bear ten...
You have the camera but you have to use it to capture great moments

Telling Your Story Part II

Telling Your Story, Part II: From the Field to Final Product By Aron Snyder In Part I - Camera Selection, I covered the best options for a backcountry...
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Snow on the Mountain Part 3

Snow on the Mountain – Part 3 At the time I posted the second article in this series, deer and elk had already converged on the alpine and their...
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Snow on the Mountain Part 2

By now most of us know whether or not we drew that limited deer or elk tag we hoped for, or whether we’ll be back to hunting in our...

Getting Your Wife To Go

Getting Your Wife To Go  by Luke & Becca Moffat Luke and Becca Moffat have been hunting together for over five years, and married for four.  They are...


Patience by Jared Bloomgren It doesn’t matter what you hunt, where you hunt, or how you hunt; there is one thing that you need on every hunt you partake...

Hunting the West

Hunting the West By Robert Hanneman For this article I am referring to what I put into a hunt from before the tag is obtained, to the harvest of...