One Season, Three Bulls Part 3

  One Season, Three Bulls Part III, The Montana Rifle Bull With two Idaho elk tags filled, I was now looking forward to Montana's general season opener.   I had...

One Season, Three Bulls Part 2

  One Season, Three Bulls PART II, The Idaho Rifle Bull Ross Russell With my Idaho archery bull in the freezer, I was looking forward to filling tag number...

One Season, Three Bulls

One Season, Three Bulls  Ross Russell. Part I, The Archery Bull Elk Antlers—what is it about these and the animal that carries them that fosters the addiction of elk...
Photo by Ross Russell

Public Land Elk Hang-ups

Public Land Elk Hang-ups by Elknut Hunting bull elk on public land is no easy task to say the least. Here are a few thoughts on hunting them effectively:...
paul ii 2010 bull - 10

Calling Quiet Elk

CALLING QUIET ELK By Elknut So many times during the course of our elk hunts we will come upon situations where elk are just flat silent, especially during early...

Early Season Elk Tactics

  Early Season Elk Tactics “Go High or Go Home” By Aron Snyder   The peak of the rut is by far the most sought after time to head...

Setups and Things To Consider

Setups and Things To Consider By Elknut Your setup is one of the most  important and most overlooked things that can blow an encounter in the heat of the moment! A...

Punching Your Elk Tag

Punching Your Elk Tag By Justin Davis The day before, I changed locations in the unit I was elk hunting. I was finding sign, but not locating elk. Instead...

Elk Hunting 4 Success

ELK HUNTING 4 SUCCESS By Ross RussellWhat defines or differentiates the 20% of elk hunters that harvest 80% of the elk year after year? Is it luck, experience, perseverance, dedication, practice,...