Head to Head Bow Test: Part I

Hoyt v. Mathews v. PSE v. Gearhead v. Prime


This will the the definitive Head to Head Bow Test review of 2022.  Watch as Zach Herold of the Rokstaff puts five top bows through eight head to head bow tests. In this video, you’ll see how PSE, Mathews, Gearhead, Prime, and Hoyt stack up against each other.

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The tests conducted:

  • Draw Cycle
  • Back Wall
  • Paper Tuning Ease
  • Bow Weight
  • Arrow Speed
  • Bow Noise
  • Shooting Positions: Sitting, Kneeling, Ground Blind
  • Shootability

Graphs referenced in the video:

Stay tuned for Part 2, where I take each bow on multiple hunts and discuss their performance in the field.

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