The author's 100 yard test range

Rehearsing the Long Range Shot

Rehearsing the Long Range Shot Sam Millard   My friend, Shawn Carlock, once told me, “You should have so much confidence in your ability to make the shot,...

Long Range Shooting: What is Your Maximum Effective Hunting Range?

Long Range Shooting: What is your maximum effective hunting range? by Doug Rosin   When I first started rifle hunting about 20 years ago, determining maximum effective range...

Rifle VS. Archery Trigger

 Rifle Shooting VS Archery: It’s all in the Trigger by Evan Williams The tip of my finger tingled with anticipation.  My brother and I had bumped him...
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Understanding Your Rifle’s Performance Through Standard Deviation

Understanding Your Rifle's Performance Through Standard Deviation by Robby Denning   Ever had your rifle shoot a great group, say a three-shot, half-inch group, then brag to your buddy...