Tracking Dog Finds Elk

Rocky Mountain Big Game Recovery

Most of us have been there, it’s the worst day you can have hunting. You tried to do everything right, yet somehow you made a bad shot and now you have a wounded animal. A truly emotional rollercoaster ride. Now, the trail has gone cold, and you just can’t sort the track out any further. It doesn’t get much worse than this when hunting. This is where Rocky Mountain Big Game Recovery just might be able to help.

I was recently at the Mile High Hunt and Fish Expo and a booth caught my eye. Rocky Mountain Big Game Recovery, I walked up and met Scott Gillespie, the President and founder of sure enough, a non-profit organization out west that works to help hunters find wounded big game animals with leashed tracking dogs. How cool is that?

In this episode, Scott highlights some of what they do, and how this all came about. I know I hope I never have to call them, but it’s sure an awesome resource to know about if that horrible day ever does come.

They are actively growing this organization, if this sounds like something you might be interested in doing they are also looking for trackers.

To find out more, check out their website and if you’re a facebook user, they also have a group there.

Rocky Mountain Big Game Recovery Facebook Group

Tracking Dog Finds Elk