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An Intro to Kryptek Clothing from an Eastern Hunter
By Glen Mullins, Rokslide Moderator

Being raised in West Virginia and hunting whitetail deer all of my life, I have worn various pass-me-down clothing from my dad, grandad, and uncles. As well as Wal Mart camo, and the cheaper Cabela's clothing. Emphasis was more on staying warm and dry rather than lightweight. While my dad's old SAF T-BACK jacket and overalls are very warm and keep you dry, they are heavy!! At one time I actually believed the thicker and heavier the clothing the better!!


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full suit

Sitka Women's Big Game Line Review

By Becca Moffat, Rokslide Staff

Female hunters have long been neglected or outright ignored by makers of quality hunting clothing. So when Sitka contacted me about trying out their forthcoming women's line, I was beyond excited. In the men's sector, Sitka has been known for producing purpose designed clothing items from high quality performance materials. The more I heard about the women's line design project the more interested I got. It became clear that Sitka was committed to designing gear to accommodate a woman's specific physique and needs, and they consulted designers who had previous experience in women's specific climbing and mountaineering gear. This really shows in the final product; this isn't your typical "shrink it and pink it" women's line, but rather an entire clothing system designed for the high performance needs of serious female outdoor athletes.


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Skre1tbSKRE Complete Layering System Review
By Travis Bertrand, Rokslide Staff

If you are like me, it can be hard to muster up the coin on a new hunting jacket with the prices as they are these days, let alone a complete system. SKRE is a new company based out of Utah that saw the need for technical clothing at a price point most hunters can swallow.



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Kryptek Anorak  Vellus Pant

Kryptek Anorak & Vellus Cold Weather System Review

By Robby Denning, Rokslide Co-Owner

Hate to read? Then just scroll to the bottom for a link to a video review.  

I wore fleece quite a bit in the 1990's.  It was durable, warm, quiet, and could shed a light rain or snowstorm well enough. It's down side was wind and burrs. You might as well be naked once the wind hit 10 mph.  If you you walked through a hounds tounge (or any of the endless varieties of burrs), you'd spend half your glassing session and then lunch pulling them out. 


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