Duckworth Vapor Hoody & Maverick Snorkel Hoody Reviews
American Made, American Strong!
By Ross Russell, Rokslide Staff

Wool has been the choice of many hunters for decades and is what I grew up wearing while hunting in the 70's and 80's. The wool I recall was itchy, smelly when wet, heavy and options were limited. After several decades of synthetic options being the choice of many hunters, wool has made a BIG come back in the hunting industry.


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Badlands Supernova Review
To say that I am cold blooded is an understatement. When I decided to take up hunting last winter I knew that I would have to start looking for a puffy jacket that would not only keep me warm but keep me warm while sitting stationary glassing for animal at near or well below freezing for hours. We looked at several puffy's from many popular brands. I found that most clothing made by hunting companies were too big for my size. Then at the shot show last year we stopped by the Badlands booth. They had a new down puffy called the supernova. I was excited to put it on as see that the medium fit me very well.

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First Lite SEAK Rain Jacket Review

By Brock Akers, Rokslide Moderator

If you spend any amount of time in a wet and rough ecosystem throughout the year, you probably know that lightweight raingear doesn't quite cut it. While it might shed some rain, it's more prone to wear and tear by it's lightweight design.  The SEAK by Firstlite is a heavy-duty rain jacket made for wet climates when you have to depend on your gear. It's robust, durable and built for the long haul.


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First Lite fishin

2016 First Lite Raingear Review

By Matt Wymer, Rokslide Staff

Rain gear is an item I seem to spend a lot of time analyzing and comparing. Numbers and statistics are helpful, but in reality rain gear needs to do three things:

1) Keep you dry

2) Breath

3) Be durable enough for the chosen task.

Rounding these desires is the critical need to match the design intent of the rain gear for the chosen pursuit.


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