I’m excited to share the results of my highly anticipated 2024 Head-to-Head Bow Test! This year, I put five top-notch bows to the ultimate test: the ELITE ETHOS, HOYT ALPHA X, PSE MACH 30 DS, BOWTECH CORE SR, and the PRIME RVX. I’ve thoroughly evaluated these bows in six crucial categories to bring you an in-depth comparison that will help you choose the best bow for your needs. (Mathews, Obsession, Xpedition, and Gearhead were reached out to, but their bows did not show up in time to be included in this specific test)

Here’s a sneak peek at what I tested.
  1. Out-of-Box Bow Weight—I checked the weight of each bow straight out of the box, giving you a clear idea of what you’ll be handling in the field.
  2. Draw Cycle Discussion – I analyzed the draw cycle of each bow, discussing the smoothness and consistency to find out which stands out.
  3. Back Wall – A solid back wall is crucial for consistent shots. I evaluated how each bow feels at full draw.
  4. Sound Test: I measured the noise level of each bow upon release, which is crucial for stealthy hunts.
  5. Arrow Speed – Speed is a significant factor for many archers. I tested arrow speeds at different draw lengths to see how each bow performed.
  6. Shootability – Ultimately, shootability can make or break a bow.

Give the video a watch, and then head over to our forum to discuss with Zach and the rest of the Rokslide community.