Feeding Deer with Dr. Randy Larsen- Feeding Deer on a bad winter has had a lot of negative press over the years. Disease issues, costs associated and the looming question- Does it actually benefit mule deer??? Dr. Randy Larsen, Wildlife Biologist from Brigham Young University breaks down results of the Utah Division of Wildlife’s 2023 feed study conducted on the Cache Unit in Northern Utah. We also discuss benefits of lots of moisture and the recent wet summer. Also discussion of antler development and why antler growth might have been delayed. Lots of good information and some shocking results.

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Feeding Deer on Feed Row
Deer On Feed Row
Processing Deer
Processing Captured Deer

Utah’s Press Release on Feeding from the Spring of 2023-https://wildlife.utah.gov/news/utah-wildlife-news/1588-dwr-implements-emergency-deer-feeding-in-northern-utah-due-to-deep-snow-and-poor-condition.html

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