Today we have well versed hunting guide Casey Johnson on to discuss hunting in Grizzly country. Often times hunters will toss out the idea of hunting certain units only because it’s also inhabited by Grizzly bears. We try to put some minds at ease while talking about our experiences, what to look out for and what you need to do to stay safe in bear country.

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Rokslide forum member Ty Abell wrote an article on the topic as well back in 2016, you can find it here.

UDAP Shock Electric Fence

Bear Safety and Information via USDA

Beginning of bear talk - 3:00
Wyoming versus Alaska bear behavior - 4:24
Fear of hunting in bear country - 6:45
Logistical planning - 10:50
Food/Product hanging - 13:40
Meat care with bears - 15:15
Bear spray versus pistol - 18:40
Electric fences - 22:15
Pistol talk - 23:50
Awareness - 27:40
Forest Service hanging/storage regulations - 32:00

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