Rokslide is all about gear for hunting.  I wanted to make sure none of our faithful Rok Blog subscribers missed out on our latest giveaway.  Kifaru International, one of the top tier backpack companies in the outdoor industry, will pony up one their latest backpacks- The Nomad- for a Rokslide Facebook giveaway. Before I get into the simple details of winning one, let me tell you a bit about the Nomad:


Kifaru Nomad
Designed as a truly functional day pack with full seven-day expedition capabilities and endless options in between, Kifaru’s Nomad will revolutionize the mountaineering pack community.  The base Nomad is best suited for day gear- spotting scopes, tripods, etc.  By adding the LongHunter lid and Camp Bag or dry bag, you can expand the Nomad’s capacity for multi-day excursions.  The addition of the Grab-It II allows the Nomad to haul bulky gear in to camp- like Tree Stands-, and also allows you to haul out as much meat as you can carry.  Kifaru held nothing back and the Nomad package is valued at $900!
In case you missed it on the Rokslide Forums, becoming eligible to win is simple and with a few extra steps, you can improve your drawing odds.  Here are the rules: 
Each Rokslide.com member will get ONE name in the hat (smart hunters join Rokslide!)

Each person that “LIKES” and “SHARES” the Rokslide Facebook page will get another name in the hat 

Each Person that “LIKES and “SHARES” the Kifaru Facebook page will get another name in the hat

This means you could have your name in the hat a total of 3 TIMES for a chance to win.

To get started, just visit Rokslide’s Facebook page here
Winner will be announced January 17th.
Also, even though you don’t need to be a Rok Blog subscriber for the Nomad giveaway to win, you might miss important information like this if you don’t subscribe to the Rok Blog.  Simply click on the “Subscribe to blog” upper right under Fitness/Other links, and you’ll receive an email notification everytime I post to the Rok Blog. Trust me, there are more great giveaways and hot topics headed for the Rok Blog- so don’t miss out.


  1. This would really be nice to win I do a lot of back country hiking and snowshoeing and atm I use a school backpack.

  2. No need to pull anyones leg…. Wife went hiking and I used bungies to attach the sleeping bag to the to of the backpack.

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