It’s hard to believe that yet another year and hunting season have come and gone. What isn’t hard to believe is that Mathews once again has raised (or shall we say LIFTed) the bar higher than ever before in the archery world.

Mathews Lift

If you read my review of last year’s Phase 4, you may recall how impressed I was by that bow and how amazing it felt and shot. I was pretty sure I’d be hanging on to that bow for at least a couple of years…..but you would think by now I would have learned!! There is no suspense here. If you haven’t shot the 2024 Mathews Lift, do it. It’s beyond what words can fully describe. It’s an experience for sure, one you need to have. See it here.

Mathews Archery

Innovation. It’s probably the biggest reason Mathews has been at the forefront of the archery industry since the early 90’s. This year is no exception. Every year, the quest is to top last year’s bow. Some archers and companies want specific attributes from their bows. Some desire speed, some lightweight, some balance, and some want quietness. Mathews has always strived to maximize all of those to the highest level. So, what happens when design produces something more capable than every other part of the system? A complete overhaul, a redesign of everything from the ground up. The 2024 Mathews Lift is that result—a product of never settling and always pushing the limits of what has been thought possible.

Mathews Lift

Lift Riser

The new riser design on the Lift pushed performance beyond what previous cams, limbs, limb pockets, strings, and cables could match. What does all of that mean? It means new and redesigned risers, cams, limbs, limb pockets, strings, and cables. It also means the fastest and lightest combination Mathew’s has ever built. All in a package that shoots better than ever before.

Lift Riser

It might be easier to list what stayed the same on the Lift. Mathews stayed with the RPD limb concept, although the limbs changed significantly with the new top-mounted axle system. When you look closely, you will see that the axle is actually mounted on top of the limb rather than through the center of the limb, like the bows of the past.

Lift Upper Cam

This works together with the RPD, creating a smoother, quieter, and more efficient shot than ever before. The Bridge-Lock system, Center Guard roller guard, Low-Profile quivers, and Integrated rest options remain the same, although the QAD Integrate rest has been upgraded with some nice features. From here, it all changes.

New for 2024

Match strings. I was excited to hear that something new and better was coming on this front. To say it hasn’t been disappointing is an understatement. I’ve set up 100’s of bows over the decades. In the past, I ALWAYS told customers to rip 100-200 arrows through it and then come back, and we would dial everything back in and to specs. That is not the case with the new Match strings. With all new proprietary materials and methods, that is a thing of the past. With my personal bow of 5 months and 600+ arrows, I’ve had to change nothing. The stretch and settling are a thing of the past! Get the low down on Match strings here.

Compact and Lightweight

One of the key features that sets the Lift apart is its compact and lightweight design. Weighing under 4 pounds, this bow is incredibly easy to handle, making it ideal for long hunting trips and extended practice sessions like the Total Archery Challenge. Its compact size also ensures it can easily maneuver in blinds, tight spots, or dense vegetation without compromising performance.

348 Feet Per Second

Speaking of performance, the Lift offers speeds of up to 348 feet per second. These speeds were achieved through reimagined Limb and Cam design. In the design of a faster cam, Mathews knew they could not sacrifice the smooth draw cycle that they have become known for. End result is the SWX Cam. In terms of adjustability, the SWX shines bright. It features a wide range of draw length adjustments, from 24.5 inches to 30 inches, allowing archers of all sizes to find their perfect fit. Additionally, the bow also offers draw weight options ranging from 55 pounds to 80 pounds. It is available in draw weights of 5# increments and draw lengths of ½” increments. The Lift is available in two lengths. 29.5” and 33”.

Lift Lower Cam

Once again, the Lift comes standard with the versatile Engage Grip, which I really like and have used for the last few years. This grip provides a comfortable and consistent hand placement, improving accuracy and reducing torque. New for this year is Shot Sense. It is an optional module built into the grip that tracks the analytics of your shot immediately and communicates through the Shot Sense app on your phone. I do not have personal feedback on this as I have not yet tested it.

My Mathews Lift

I received my bow in early November, so I was able to set it up quickly and start my Whitetail rut hunting immediately! The setup was a breeze, and I shot in no time.

Mathews Lift Limbs

I again used the Mathews BOW BUILDER for custom Match strings, cables, and accessories. I chose the Granite finish with green and black accessories. The only changes to my setup this year were adding an Option Archery Canyon Pounder on the front end and switching over to G5 Megameat broadheads in my quiver. Within 30 minutes, I was dialed and ready to roll. It’s amazing how simple Mathews has made the system to set up, dial in, and shoot.

Hunting With The Mathews Lift

Over the next ten days, I was able to flex the limbs twice while hanging from trees in my saddle but couldn’t execute a shot. Finally, on day 13, it all came together. It happened in a heartbeat, and everything was on autopilot. I spotted the buck, grabbed the bow, estimated yardage, stopped the buck, went through the shot process, and executed the shot all in one moment, no thinking. Just a reaction that comes from experience, comfort, and confidence in my setup. The Lift sent the Megameat from the rear quarter through the body and exited the chest. The 28.5”, 72 lb draw pushed a 429-grain arrow completely through 28” of deer. He went 40 yards and was piled up.

Success with the Mathews Lift


The Mathews Lift is a bow that offers a perfect blend of performance and ease of use. Its lightweight design, shootability, impressive speed, and range of adjustability make it an easy choice. Whether you run the Mountains or hang from the Hardwoods, the Lift will undoubtedly elevate your archery experience.

In Conclusion

Mathews has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation and leading the industry with cutting-edge technology.  So, if you’re in the market for a new bow (even if you’re not), look no further than the Mathews Archery Lift. Your archery adventures are about to be LIFTed to new heights!

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Les Welch
Les Welch has been hunting and shooting for over 30 years. He grew up chasing small game and whitetails in the big woods of Northern Wisconsin. Having the ability to roam for thousands of acres hunting, scouting, and exploring without seeing people and civilization ingrained the public land DIY mentality deep within. After harvesting dozens of whitetails with archery equipment, including many P&Y, and countless more with rifle and muzzleloader the desire to explore the mountains had become to much to overcome. In 2006, he started researching antelope. That led to the harvest of 6 DIY, public land antelope in 2007 between him and his father. That trip was the beginning of the obsession/addiction. Since that trip he has traveled West of the Mississippi on 8 more hunts, all 100% DIY public land.....with 100% success rates, harvesting multiple elk, mule deer, and antelope. Coming home to the flatlands after that first hunt back in '07 he realized the need to be in shape if success was going to continue. He dropped 60# and 20% bodyfat in a few months. He has since become a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Coach. Understanding what the body needs to maximize performance whether he is running a race, competing in triathalons, or preparing for 15-20 day backpack backcountry hunts help insure he achieves full potential. Year around gym time, training, scouting, and spending time in the outdoors with family maintain that healthy lifestyle to keep "mountain" ready! He is on pro-staff for Sitka Gear, HECS, and ElkNut Outdoor Productions. When he is not chasing down something with stick and string, rifle, or muzzleloader he can be found spending time hunting, fishing, camping, or something of the like with his family. You will also see him at many of the RMEF events as he is Chapter chair in Wisconsin.