Nimrod9Nimrod Outdoor Carbon Canyon Pack Review
By Ross Russell, Rokslide Staff
Nimrod’s pack systems are American made and constructed in Washington State. They have offered quality gear for 20 plus years with a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY on defects in workmanship and material for the products’ natural service life. The Carbon Canyon Pack system is designed for day hunts, along with multiple-day bivy-style hunts. There are multiple options of bag size, depending on your needs with the largest capacity being approximately 4500 cubic inches. The pack includes a load shelf with a mesh pocket design that allows you to pack out your harvest on your initial trip from the backcountry. The waist belt is designed to accommodate an array of belt pouches, water bottle holders and such to accommodate your individual needs for easily accessible items throughout the day.


I tested the Carbon Canyon Pack with the Pinnacle day pack attached to the frame, along with a water bottle holder and one small pouch attached to the hip belt for my shed hunting excursions. The pack arrived set up for my frame size of 5′ 7″, 160 pounds. My first day out with the pack, I simply loaded it with gear, threw on the pack and headed to the mountains. The power pulls on the belt let me snug the pack in nicely and eight hours and 13 miles later, I found the lumbar pad was still very comfortable with sufficient padding throughout the long day of shed hunting.

After a few breaks and accessing the Pinnacle day pack throughout the day, I took a closer look at the design of the pack and how the pack was attached to the frame. The design utilizes a buckle system to secure the pack, with one long extended buckle coming through the top portion of the frame itself. You then have the option to wrap the daypack within the load shelf. This keeps the bag snug and secure to the frame with little movement . I have used the Pinnacle daypack for 15 years, so I am very familiar with it. The daypack provides 1300 cubic inches of storage, including the two exterior pockets. It is weather proof, quiet and constructed of hydrospun fleece. I can attest to the durability of these packs as I have stressed them to the limits many times on past day hunts with zero failure.

Over the next few outings, I had a chance to test the load lifters and the load shelf. I loaded approximately 45 lbs. of gear and I was able to balance the load comfortably, securing various items by utilizing the load shelf and crossing four-buckle system on the Carbon Canyon pack. The day pack, or pack, then rides over the secured load. By securing in this fashion, the load then moves with you and not against you. Above the lumbar pad and against your upper back, there is mesh webbing that is stretched taunt. The webbing is to protect your back from the frame of the pack and to create airflow between the pack and your upper back . The webbing can be adjusted by tightening the straps. I found the airflow was sufficient between pack and body, along with comfort for the load carried. Where the mesh wraps around the carbon frame I did find some premature wear. This was due to rubbing created during use and over time, the frame is cutting into the webbing. I would recommend something on the frame to protect the webbing.

I found the shoulder strap padding ample for the weight carried, but would prefer more padding for heavier loads to prevent the straps from digging in. Personally at my age, I personally prefer more weight on my shoulders, versus my hips, as they tend to get tight and fatigued which is not a good thing for my legs. The load lifters worked as intended and for those that prefer more weight on their hips the Carbon Canyon Pack system will work well for you.


– Carbon fiber is known for its durability and Nimrod packs have a history for longevity and comfort.
– The pack frame is relatively light and comes in at 4.3 lbs with hip belt.
– Versatility, the pack system has several options of bags and accessories to customize how you transport your gear and animal.
– Comfort for medium to heavy loads.
– Load shelf provides the capability to pack out a quarter after the hunt and on your first trip off the mountain.
– Many straps to keep loads tight and secure.


– Shoulders strap padding could be thicker.
– Noise could be an issue when hunting with the number of buckles and carbon frame.
– Durability of mesh backing on frame needs to be corrected.


It is a very good time to be a consumer for quality hunting gear, as there are many companies offering solid and well built gear. Nimrod Outdoor Company is one of those companies who’s gear will last for decades of use. If looking for durability and an American made pack system, call Nathan Brence to discuss the options available.  The Carbon Canyon is not yet listed on Nimrod’s website, but don’t fret, Nathan prefers to talk to each customer before every purchase.  Give him a call at 360-915-3400. 


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Ross russell
Ross has resided in the Northwest for 30+ years, grew up in a family of elk hunters and the passion of the hunt was instilled early on when his family would gather in North Idaho for the annual general rifle season.When falls arrives, Ross can be found in the high country of North Idaho and Northwest Montana, with Bow or Rifle in hand. "As long as I am chasing Big Bulls in the backcountry there is a smile on my face. Many would call Elk Hunters an odd lot, as who in their right mind would want to put their body through the trials and tribulations that we do each fall, with no guarantee of success. It takes dedication, perseverance and someone who enjoys hardwork to be successful year in and year out. I like hardwork, so count me in"!Many a fine bull has been taken by Ross' bullet and arrow. To expand his love of the outdoors and his knowledge of Elk, he can be found each spring fervently pursuing Elk Sheds. "Shed hunting gives you an arm up on the quality of bulls in the area, expands your knowledge, is great for training and is another opportunity to be in the great outdoors."Ross resides in Liberty Lake Washington, with his wife Kirsten and his shed hunting companion Magnum.