Low temps and nasty weather are a typical occurrence on most late-season hunts. Stone Glaciers’ solution to this problem is their M7 pant and jacket. Not only will it keep you warm with its fleece backer it will keep you dry with their Hydrashield softshell.

First Impressions

When I ordered the M7 set I was expecting something similar to their M5 with a fleece backer but that is not the case. The M7 is a softshell version of their Hydrashield laminate, much softer and quieter to the touch than the M5 but not as packable and a few ounces heavier. Two extra chest pockets on the jacket and multiple pockets on the pants differentiate themselves from the M5 as well. As I’ve come to expect with Stone Glaciers products the quality is outstanding. I would consider the fitment of the set as athletic, not bulky at all considering the fleece backer and it being an outerwear set designed for the coldest elements.

Technical Specs

The M7 jacket and pants both weigh exactly the same at 1 pound 6.4 ounces in a size large. Both pieces are utilizing the HydraShield SS (soft shell) textile as the face fabric. The softshell HydraShield actually boasts a slightly better waterproof and breathability ratings than the M5 which I found pleasantly surprising. For more information on waterproof and breathability tests check out my review of the M5 system.

As previously mentioned the backer is a soft and comfortable fleece. All seams are taped on the inside ensuring waterproofness. Not only is the HydraShield waterproof, it is also 100% windproof keeping you warm and dry on the mountain during those late-season storms. All of the zippers on the pant and jacket utilize a YKK Aquaguard keeping the elements out and your gear dry.

Stone Glacier M7 Jacket
The M7 jacket has four pockets, two hand pockets, and two chest pockets with lots of room for miscellaneous gear. Like its M5 counterpart, the M7 hand pockets are designed to be used with a pack on your back the pockets are easily accessible above the hip belt. This design makes the pockets slightly smaller than normal but 100% useable with a pack on.
Pit zips on the Stone Glacier M7 make body heat regulation a breeze.
The cuffs of the M7 have a Velcro closure to keep the rain out and from running down your arm while glassing (the absolute worst!). The fleece of the M7 is extremely soft and comfortable enough to wear a simple t-shirt underneath and experience no discomfort. The articulated hood of the M7 jacket has no fleece, the theory behind this was that when not in use the fleece would absorb the snow/rain making it uncomfortable when worn. The tail of the M7 is cut long keeping the elements out while squatting or sitting. It really helps keep you warm and comfortable.
Stone Glacier M7 Pant

The M7 pants were designed to be put on first thing in the morning and be worn all day. Unlike a traditional rain pant, the side zips don’t unzip all the way to the bottom of the pant. They unzip to just below the knee, keeping the lower leg sleek.  I appreciate this feature. If it’s cold enough to be wearing the M7 you aren’t going to be taking them on and off.

Pant Pockets

I love pockets and was happy Stone Glacier included two sets on the M7 pant! A set of upper pockets and a set of thigh pockets. Plenty of room and quick access to your phone, GPS, or whatever you choose to keep in there.

You can’t talk about any of Stone Glaciers’ pants without mentioning two ingenious designs, their Stratum layered zipper system and patent-pending Contour waist system. More info here. The Stratum layered zipper is for dumping heat all the way to skin. No matter what SG pants you are wearing they all work in unison. The contour waist system allows for a perfect fit every time. Utilizing a Velcro fly and the built-in belt eliminates hot spots. And, the fit is extremely comfortable.

Final Thoughts

I was extremely impressed with Stone Glacier’s M7 set, it is warm comfortable and most importantly it was waterproof. The athletic fit and cut ensure it moves with you extremely well.

Like with all Stone Glacier gear I’ve used, the M7 set is tough and built to last. After a few months of pretty regular use doing everything from work, hound hunting to coyote hunting, I could find no rips, tears, or flaws of any sort. The M7 set kept me warm and dry in everything from the rare PNW February blizzard to the standard PNW torrential downpour. The M7 has ensured its place in my pack on all of my late season hunts even with its slight weight penalty, it’s absolutely worth it to be warm AND dry. Order yours here.

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