Vortex Ranger 1500 Review
By Jared Bloomgren, Rokslide Staff
We all know of the Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 that has been out for a few years. I have been using that rangefinder since 2012 and it has done well for me, but there were a few things that needed improved. It was slow when needing a range and early models may have been a bit inaccurate. This particularly could be a problem when you have to range an animal fast before it bolts or moves. Many also want a rangefinder that will go out past 1000 yards as well. Vortex has stepped up the game and addressed these issues/concerns with an updated version!


New for 2016, Vortex introduced the Ranger 1500 rangefinder. My initial reaction was that the unit is no different than the Ranger 1000 looks-wise; so at first I was a little skeptical. I took it out that day on a coyote hunt with temperatures well below zero. While on stand listening to the distant yelps, I pulled it from my pack. When I pressed the button, my first reaction was of shock at how fast it read me a range back! HUGE improvement from its older brother!


It reads back a range to me far faster than its predecessor which will calm a lot of people nerves! I would say it may be one of the fastest rangefinders I have used. The older Ranger 1000 was a three-button push to get the range whereas the Ranger 1500 is a two-button push; one push to turn it on and another to range; much faster than before!

The other main difference is the obvious 1500-yard range capability with an advertised range reading of 9-1500 yards, although I have got readings beyond that. It carries a +/- accuracy of three yards at 1000 yards. When comparing the 1500 next to my 1000 I am getting the same reading either way. The 6x magnification with a 22mm objective lens diameter and 17mm eye relief remains the same.


The handy clip feature is still incorporated into the unit as well which allows for storing the device anywhere on your belt or backpack strap. It also comes with a tether if you prefer to keep it from walking away! This small unit weighs in at only 7.7 ounces which is another huge plus for those looking to save weight on their backcountry hunts.




At 7.7 ounces, the user will hardly know the faster Vortex 1500 is along for the ride

The unit comes with fully multi-coated lenses which are anti-reflective which also allow for brighter views, rugged and compact design built to withstand abuse, a diopter which adjusts for focus and is tripod adaptable. Performance features include an easy-to-use menu without a bunch of options to muddy the waters, Horizontal Component Distance (HCD) for angled shots as well as a line of sight (LOS) setting, scan feature, and an option to change from yards to meters.

I think the fast reading of the new 1500 Ranger will address many users’ complaints that they had with the 1000. Although I haven’t been using it long, I am confident that the reliability of Vortex Optics will continue with this unit. If not, I know their VIP warranty will more than take care of me. It may be one of the very few rangefinders on the market with a lifetime/unconditional coverage warranty as well! Plus with a MSRP at $599.00 how can you go wrong?!


So you might be asking, “what will happen with the Ranger 1000?”

Vortex plans to keep it around in order to have a unit with a lower price point for those that are looking for such a unit. It still remains a top seller for Vortex.


The Vortex Ranger 1500 Specs
Range Reflective 9-1500 yards
Range Deer 9-750 yards
Accuracy + / – 3 yards @ 1000 yards
Max Angle Reading +/- 60 degrees
Magnification 6X
Objective Lens Diameter 22 mm
Linear Field of View 315 feet/1000 yards
Angular Field of View 6 degrees
Eye Relief 17 mm
Length 3.9 inches
Width 3 inches
Weight 7.7 ounces


You can ask Jared questions or discuss the Vortex 1500 Ranger here


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